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Sudhanshu Pandey Talks About Vanraj’s Role In Anupamaa And TRP Pressure

Sudhanshu Pandey Talks About Vanraj’s Role In Anupamaa And TRP Pressure

Sudhanshu Pandey plays the lead character Vanraj in Anupamaa.

One of the most popular current television shows Anupamaa that airs on Star Plus is grabbing a lot of praise with its simple storyline and plot. It is one of the few shows to have got a loyal following. The twists and turns in the storyline have kept the audience hooked. The makers of the show are leaving no stones unturned to make it number one and indeed it tops the TRP charts every time. Being a part of such a successful serial brings extra pressure of maintaining unprecedented popularity.

Recently, in an interview with an entertainment portal, India Forums, the show’s lead actor Sudhanshu Pandey mentioned that he has never been worried about the numbers. Despite knowing that he will have a lot of pressure as the lead character to maintain the show on the top, he agreed to do it since he wanted to be part of a fresh concept.

Sudhanshu maintained that such shows do well because a “niche audience” likes “relationship-based films”. The audience is able to emotionally connect with each character in such daily soaps. Since Anupamaa doesn’t fit in a regular daily soap category, working in it was a huge risk. However, he had the confidence that a show revolving around such a unique and different subject had to be a success. He only focussed on giving his best shot and didn’t worry about the results. According to him, when the audience sees the emotions portrayed by a character, they automatically connect with that particular character and show.


Talking about Vanraj’s character, the actor is happy that he played the role with complete honesty which is why in most parts of the serial, the audience loved to hate his character. He said that the sympathies of the viewers change towards the characters as the story moves forward. Now-a-days, a lot of people are sympathising with Vanraj’s character since now there are two women and one man. He feels this is how the ups and downs happen in a relationship.

At the end of it all, the viewers connecting to what they see are what make the show a hit.

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first published:July 13, 2021, 19:01 IST