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'Suicide Squad' Review: Thrilling Only in Parts; Mostly a Letdown

Suicide Squad is finally here!

Shomini Sen | News18.comshominisen

Updated:August 5, 2016, 1:33 PM IST
'Suicide Squad' Review: Thrilling Only in Parts; Mostly a Letdown
Suicide Squad is finally here!

Suicide Squad is perhaps the most anticipated film of this season. Starring some of the most notorious villains from DC Comics, Suicide Squad is a film where the villains are the heroes.

The film narrates the story of a secret government agency which recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a powerful threat in exchange for clemency.

Featuring an ensemble cast comprising of Jared Letto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and others the film is expected to be an insane ride. But while fans across the world are eager to watch the super villains on the big screen, early reviews of the film have not been the most pleasant.

Directed and written by David Ayes, the film’s premise looks very excited especially for the fans of DC comics. Will it live up to all the hype? Shomini Sen of was inside the theatre to find out.

10:01 AM: We are watching first day first show of #SuicideSquad in a bit. Stay tuned for the tweet review

10:16 AM: Jared Letto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie all in one film. It doesn't get bigger than this. #SuicideSquad

10:22 AM: Loudest cheer in the theatre as Margot Robbie makes her appearance on the bug screen. #SuicideSquad

10:46 AM: No matter how old he becomes, Will Smith's charm will never die. #SuicideSquad

10:59 AM: Harley Quinn is perhaps most entertaining villain of all time. #SuicideSquad

11:11 AM: First half of #SuicideSquad is already over and they spent most of the time establishing the characters. No real action yet.

11:31 AM: Why is there a constant need to go in the past and establish why the villains vecame bad? #SuicideSquad

11:42 AM: There is more focus on the human side of the villains than real action. #SuicideSquad

11:59 AM: Oh god! Why do the super villains have to get emo! Why god, why? #SuicideSquad

12:16 AM: Always good to see Will Smith in a film. One actor who never loses relevance. #SuicideSquad

12:18 AM: The biggest problem of #SuicideSquad is that gives a lot of focus to emotional human side of the villains making the plot rather stretched.

12:19 AM: Margot Robbie is easily the star amongst the cast. #SuicideSquad

12:20 AM: But wish there was more of The Joker though. #SuicideSquad

12:21 AM: Of course #SuicideSquad has its fair share of super-hero theatrics. But that isn't enough to sustain our attention.

12:23 AM: Watch out for Batman and Flash #SuicideSquad

12:24 AM: #SuicideSquad thrills only in parts. Could have done so much better had they not gone emotional in between

12:25 AM: Thanks for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #SuicideSquad. More movie updates to follow

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