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Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh and Other Popular Web Series Stars Who Deserve Our Appreciation

By: Saloni Jain

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Last Updated: June 22, 2017, 11:39 IST

Image: Instagram/Sumeet Vyas, Instagram/Nidhi Bisht (ekthapatiger), Instagram/Amol Parashar

Image: Instagram/Sumeet Vyas, Instagram/Nidhi Bisht (ekthapatiger), Instagram/Amol Parashar

There are always such characters in these series with whom we can easily relate and without whom these shows wouldn't have been a success.

In the jam-packed 9 to 5 schedule, we are all a bit too busy in our lives to stop for a moment and think how boring we make it. It is indeed funny how the television can portray our personal lives so well, it's like they know us better than ourselves. Yes, we are talking about the trending and highly engaging Indian web series..shows like Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Tripling that have become the connecting dots for the formation of the successful line of the web series. Well, there are always such characters in these series with whom we can easily relate and without whom these shows wouldn't have been a success. There is one of each kind. Go ahead and find yours!

Sumeet Vyas, Indian actor and writer who is popularly seen as 'Mikesh' in Permanent Roommates, 'Chandan' in Tripling, 'Twisty" Ji', a hilarious choreographer in Bang Baaja Baarat is a happy-go-lucky actor who can very well fit any role that he is given. He can be seen as a serious working man with his brief-cased desires and passions. Well, this happens when we pursue something away from our dreams. We mostly see him as a control freak who follows a "seat belt on" approach in life. But in the end, he teaches all of us to 'follow our heart'.

Sumeet proves to be a great life partner in real and reel life. Hitched to actress Shivani Tanksale, a theatre actress who appears in Bollywood films and advertisements. Vyas is himself an active supporter of theatre. He claims that between working with Theatre and Bollywood, he would be inclined towards Theatre.

Partnering Vyas in Permanent Roommates, 'Tanya' aka Nidhi Singh, a 30-year-old from Allahabad decided to pursue acting from an early age is shown as a sane and matured woman who knows what decisions she has to take in life but at the same time is too scared to take chances. She has a bubbly character and anybody would be lucky to have her as a partner.

She started her journey from being an assistant director in the advertising industry. She broke the internet with her screening in Every Delhi Girl in the World and has been a gem to the web space since then. Making her way to the movies, it has been quite a journey for her.

Amol Parashar, 'DJ Chitvan' from Tripling, a web series about three siblings who go on a road trip which changes their lives. Amol's character is a carefree younger sibling who leaves it all on fate. He is that guy who is worried about scoring grass and not grades. However, he has an indefinite love for his family and takes responsibility at serious times.'Chitvan' can resemble your younger sibling with his witty jokes and naughty mischief.

After completing his Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Delhi, Amol drove towards his real passion in life- Acting. His impressive acting skills paved way for his success on the web screen. He promotes good digital content, as he believes that the story and characters are most important, rest is all secondary. He breathes his character in and leaves no stone unturned in giving his best.

Mithila Palkar, Indian actress known for the web series Girl In The City and Little Things is that girl with curly hair who is a persona of cuteness. She will be the funniest and most ecstatic one, always active in life. As Meera in Girl in the City, Palkar is the spoiled daughter of a rich, controlling colonel from Dehradun and a newbie in Mumbai. In Little Things 'Kavya' she is shown as a confused, cranky soul who is obsessed with social media and is mostly whining about things to her live-in boyfriend.

Credit: @Mithila Palkar

The curly-haired, 24-year-old famous digital face came into the public eye with her Youtube covers of popular songs. Entering the viral world, she got featured in Confusing Things Girls Say. She got her break in the web series, Girl In The City. This marked the pivotal points in her career and then nothing could stop her. She was then seen in other web series like, Little Things and Annoying Things Boyfriends Do which were loved by the viewers.

Nidhi Bisht, 31 years-old, the sole casting director, is the only non-IIT-educated core team member of TVF not only created a group of actors but also gave her shot at acting in Bisht, Please! after being the casting director at the famous web series- Permanent Roommates.

Credit: @Nidhi Bisht

Bisht also co-wrote some of the most popular sketches and has starred in them, from playing a snarky girlfriend in TVF’s Chai Sutta Chronicles and Ma ke Haath ki Cigarette, a sketch-comedy of a mother making home-made cigarettes for her son. She indeed is a versatile woman, playing both motherly and middle-aged roles. Bisht plays a lovable loser who keeps yielding to the demands of the people around her, be it her ex-boyfriend, her father or her office best friend.

After this talented lawyer tried her talent at film-making and acting proved that she was no less. Her creativity was something that best suited the formation of web content. Nidhi was brave enough to win the fight between her education and her interest i.e. acting. She not only took the path to fulfilling her dreams but also created one for people who easily give up on their passion for acting. Hence, she started her own Theatre company under the name, "New Brain Theatre Volks".

Jitendra Kumar is seen as a versatile actor. Famous for his roles in Permanent Roommates and TVF Pitchers, he has won the hearts of many with his fabulous acting. He comes across as the man who finds it difficult to manage his family, marriage, career and friends at the same time. 'Jitu' has to take decisions as per everybody but himself. Does that happen with the most of you, too?

Credit: @Jitendra Kumar

Kumar gradually shifted his career line from engineering to acting. After the struggle-loaded job search, he half-heartedly worked in a tech company. Well, things just go right when they have to! Jitendra entered the web line and there we saw the real 'Jitu', confident and happy about his work. The turning point in his career was in 2008, when he sat face-to-face with Arvind Kejriwal, mimicking him. Since then the web series world is happy to have him.

Credit: @Saba Azad

Last but not the least, Ladies Room is a show with female protagonists. This show breaks all stereotypes about women through the funny though real life like appearances of Saba Azad, Shreya Dhanwanthary as Dingo and Khanna, respectively. Girls, you can very well relate to their conversations that come out only when you are alone. It's exactly what happens when girls are left alone, keeps on getting interesting ahead.

So, till now you would have hopefully been able to pick out the character that matches your personality and if not then good luck being different!

first published:June 22, 2017, 11:39 IST
last updated:June 22, 2017, 11:39 IST