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Sunil Grover Hints Possible Comeback on The Kapil Sharma Show With Cryptic Tweet

A still from The Kapil Sharma Show

A still from The Kapil Sharma Show

Sunil Grover had departed from the show following a tiff with Kapil Sharma on a flight in March 2017.

The Kapil Sharma Show has never been the same ever since Sunil Grover's departure. Despite Kapil Sharma being the center of the show, Sunil Grover brought a lot of creativity and entertainment with him. Nevertheless, Grover's fans might have a reason to celebrate as the comedian in his latest tweet made a reference to one of his characters from The Kapil Sharma Show.

Sunil Grover portrayed numerous characters on the show. One of his characters was known for the line, "Mere husband mujhko". In his latest tweet, Grover used the same line after writing some inspirational words. The tweet with the popular dialogue at the end has fans wondering if Sharma and Grover have possibly buried the hatchet. This might not be entirely impossible as the two have had minor disagreements in the past and have resolved them as well.


Sunil Grover departed from the show after a brawl with Kapil Sharma during a flight. Reports claimed that Kapil Sharma was drunk and was abusing a crew member of the show. Grover stepped in to stop him but instead became another victim of Sharma's abuse. Following this, Sharma apologized to his fellow comedian on Twitter, in response to which Grover pointed out Sharma's flaws.

Following Sunil Grover's departure, Krushna Abhishek joined the show. Although his performances were first compared to Grover, he gradually began to take off as people stopped comparing the two. If Grover does return to the show alongside Sharma and Abhishek, it could only mean an explosive rise for the show's ratings as well as the content.

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