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Surveen Chawla, Priya Banerjee Open Up on Their Powerful Roles in Rana Naidu

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Last Updated: March 07, 2023, 00:21 IST

Mumbai, India

Surveen Chawla and Priya Banerjee open up on working in Rana Naidu.

Surveen Chawla and Priya Banerjee open up on working in Rana Naidu.

Surveen Chawla and Rana Daggubati's Rana Naidu is all set to stream on Netflix from March 10. According to the makers, it's a one of a kind thriller.

Surveen Chawla is currently gearing up for her next big OTT series, Rana Naidu. The actress will be seen sharing screen space with Priya Banerjee, Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati, among other actors. Releasing on Netflix on March 10, the show follows the life of a man who does the dirty work for the city’s top power players, making the problems of the rich and famous disappear. However, Rana’s life takes an unexpected turn when his father Naga (played by Venkatesh) is released from prison, setting off a chain of events that shakes the Naidu family to its core.

The women of Rana Naidu too have proven themselves to be as powerful and impactful as the men with their stellar performances. Surveen Chawla, who plays the role of Naina Naidu, Rana’s wife, is a character with secrets and a strong will that commands attention. Surveen’s acting skills bring out the intricate complexities of her character, making her outstanding in her role.

Priya Banerjee, who portrays the role of Mandira, is another strong-headed woman in the show who has been through a lot and is determined to get what she wants. With her commanding screen presence, Priya does justice to the character, making Mandira a firecracker on screen. Mandira and Rana’s chemistry is intriguing, and the two work together incredibly well, making them an essential part of the show’s dynamic. Together, Surveen and Priya add a new dimension to the show with their powerful performances and well-etched characters.

Off-screen, both Surveen and Priya are equally dynamic and bring their unique personalities to the table. Speaking about working on the show, Surveen Chawla said, “Playing Naina in Rana Naidu was an incredibly empowering experience. I loved how she was written as a strong, independent woman who was not afraid to speak her mind. I would say the character of Naina Naidu is the most intense role that I’ve essayed so far. It was challenging to bring out the various layers of her character, but I enjoyed every moment of it. As women, we need more characters like Naina. Whether it was motherhood, being a wife or anything else - I could truly relate to Naina."


Adding to this, Priya Banerjee said, “Mandira is a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. I loved playing this badass character who held her ground and was unapologetically herself. It was exciting to bring out her vulnerabilities and show her softer side. Working with the talented cast and crew on Rana Naidu was an unforgettable experience, and I am proud to have been a part of this show. Mandira is ambitious - although it might not come off as that in the beginning. Her head is in the right place and she’s willing to cross whatever line she has to to get where she needs to."

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first published:March 07, 2023, 00:21 IST
last updated:March 07, 2023, 00:21 IST