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Sushant Singh Rajput Case: Delay in Investigation Causes More Anxiety for Family, Says Lawyer

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

Lawyer Varun Singh says that the delay in justice in Sushant Singh Rajput's death case has become a cause for concern for his family.

As the country celebrates Sushant Singh Rajput's 35th birth anniversary, fans have also not forgotten the call for justice in his death case. Post his death on June 14, 2020, the Mumbai Police commenced an investigation, stating that the death was being treated as a suicide. The final postmortem report, received on June 25, confirmed the cause of the death as asphyxia due to hanging and said it was a "clear case of suicide."

In June, Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh stated that the police would also probe the "professional rivalry" in the film industry as the cause of Rajput's depression. On July 25, Rajput's father, KK Singh, filed an FIR at Patna, where he lives, against Rhea Chakraborty and six others, including her family members, for abetment of suicide.

In August, the Supreme Court allowed the CBI to take control of the investigation and ordered them to look into any future cases registered in relation to Rajput's death. Dr Sudhir Gupta of AIIMS, leader of the CBI-designated forensic medical team, said in October, "Sushant death is a case of suicide. Murder completely ruled out."

Multiple other cases and charges, including a drugs probe on Bollywood stars, have spawned out of Sushant's death case. There have been concerns about the real case being overshadowed by the others and the delay in closure. We asked his family's lawyer Varun Singh about the latest developments in Sushant's death case and here's what he had to say:

"There has been some communication as far as what investigation has happened so far. The fact that it's taken so long creates some embargo or prejudice to the case itself. So much time has passed, so many witnesses and evidences have been collected, if these things are not produced in the court of law through a charge sheet then there are chances of it being influenced, either the witness becoming hostile or evidence being tampered - so each passing day becomes dangerous for the complainant itself.

The delay in investigation causes more and more anxiety for the family. Whether the truth will come out or not, like any other complainant, this family also has its doubts... there is a chance of the evidence not coming out as properly, maybe between the lines this case may lose its sting.

Whatever has come out of this case, it has come out for the good and better, drug is a national issue and needs to be tackled. Having said that, those things controlling the news in terms of this case, it does cause some impediment for our case for sure. And that is a cause of concern for everyone.

Until and unless the AIIMS report becomes a part of the charge sheet we will not be privy to it. The initial case filed by the family was for abetment to suicide. Even if AIIMS report rules out murder, in worst case, it cannot rule out the abetment angle - which has arisen from many facts that have come to light in the past year. Those facts need to be dotted together to see if abetment to suicide case is made or not.

After the investigation, we had certain doubts in our mind as some of the close people residing in the house had turned hostile towards the family. It made us believe that maybe this could be a case of murder and maybe those facts that have come out during investigative journalism to show that certain things that came out from the date of the incident indicated that this could have been murder. Even if the AIIMS reports come out in any manner and says this is not culpable homicide, that alone can’t determine murder or not. Secondly, the report won’t be a determining factor for the case of abetment of suicide.

We will have to discuss with the family, but as a legal right they can file a protest petition to the closure report. The amount of attachment this case has had globally, the truth will come out and in no way justice can be brushed aside - I’m confident about that. So many prayers for this legendary person who passed away, I’m sure there will be something concrete that will come out for all to be happy about the fact that justice has prevailed."