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Taimur Hates It When Mom Kareena Kapoor Wears Make-up, Reveals Saif Ali Khan

Taimur Hates It When Mom Kareena Kapoor Wears Make-up, Reveals Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan says Taimur doesn't react to him changing his looks for his movies, but does not like it when his mom Kareena Kapoor Khan wears make-up.

Taimur Ali Khan's cuteness has made him a favourite among paparazzis. The toddler is clicked almost every single day when he steps out of his house at Fortune Heights in Mumbai. These days, he even waves at the paparazzi and says something or the other in a joyful mood.

While both Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan keep fielding questions about their adorable son, revealing many details about his cute habits, the latest piece of information revealed by Saif is quite hilarious.

In an interview with a magazine, Saif talked about how Taimur has reacted to his changing looks over the last couple of years. The actor said that the two-year-old is unfazed by his father's changing looks, even when he was sporting dreadlocks and a beard playing a Naga sadhu in his upcoming film.

But when it comes to his mother Kareena, Taimur doesn’t like it when the actress wears make-up.

“It doesn't seem to bother him. He also came to set when I was playing a Naga sadhu for Navdeep Singh and I had the dreadlocks and the beard... but nothing. I think he doesn't like to see his mother wearing make-up, but he doesn't seem to care so much in my case,” Saif said.

Well, with makeup or not, Kareena is every bit the worrying mother who struggles to divide time between work and taking care of her son. In a recent interview, Kareena opened up about how she feels when she has to leave Taimur at home for work.

She said that there’s looming guilt and she is constantly worried thinking what would he be doing at home. Speaking to Miss Malini for the series Girl Tribe, she said, "I think the most important thing for a working mother is to believe in herself. Even when I leave in the morning, I am constantly worried about what Taimur would be doing at home. There is that looming guilt that is sometimes on your head.”

She added, "I think your child will grow up realising, respecting and understanding a woman so much more that when she goes out to work and comes back home, she is still happy. Even though she could be tired, but she is still happy because she is doing what she loves the most.”

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