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Tanuj Virwani Opens Up on Breakup With Akshara Haasan, Says Going Public 'Backfired'

Tanuj Virwani Opens Up on Breakup With Akshara Haasan, Says Going Public 'Backfired'

Tanuj Virwani and Akshara Haasan called it quits after dating for about four years.

Actor Tanuj Virwani has reflected on why his relationship with Akshara Haasan, the daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika, didn’t work out. The news of their breakup made headlines for multiple reasons. And now, the actor has finally opened up about his break-up and revealed what went wrong in their relationship. The former couple reportedly dated for four years. Tanuj, the son of veteran actor Rati Agnihotri, said that going public with his relationship with Akshara perhaps “backfired".

Speaking to Bombay Times, Tanuj said, “I had met Akshara on an outdoor shoot in Kulu Manali when she had accompanied her mother, actress Sarikaji." He further said that they were together for about four years, but later realised that it was not working out and decided to mutually part ways without any drama. “I think one of the things that went wrong for us was being open about our relationship in public. We had no qualms about discussing our relationship openly. We believed in being honest about it, which eventually backfired. Now, I have realised that we should not talk about our private lives and only let our work speak for us."

In an earlier interview, Tanuj had said that he and Akshara remained friends after their breakup, but things got awkward when her private pictures were leaked. Tanuj had said that he was disappointed when Akshara did not publicly stand up for him after the incident as many believed that he was allegedly behind the leak.

In an interview with The Times of India, Tanuj had said, “When this nonsense about her leaked pictures happened, it was Akshara who first called me and told me about it. Those pictures were from 2013. She wanted to know if I had any knowledge about this. We kept talking after that trying to reach the bottom of this and find out who had done it. We spoke if she had ever given her phone for repair. I was very upset for her sake more than for myself. No girl should go through this. No family should go through this. I had asked her ‘Akshu, do you think I’ve done this?’ She had said, ‘No, I don’t think you have done it’. I had told her, ‘That’s all I wanted to hear’.”


“A lot of things started coming out in papers, things got awkward between us and we stopped talking. She may have had her reasons for that. But I was disappointed with her. She did not stand up for me publicly. She didn’t say ‘I did it’ but she didn’t say ‘I didn’t do it’ either. That one statement from her would have made it all go away for me."

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first published:May 25, 2021, 18:30 IST