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Tenet to Wolfwalkers: Top 9 Hollywood Films of 2020

By: Vaishali Jain


Last Updated: December 25, 2020, 07:13 IST

Tenet to Wolfwalkers: Top 9 Hollywood Films of 2020

This year, films might have released on much smaller screens but they found wider appreciation from all corners of the world.

Everything came to a halt in 2020, but good movies did not. As we watched movies from our couches, each day brought a brand-new, exciting plot that made our lockdown days a little less mundane. This year, films might have released on much smaller screens but they found wider appreciation from all corners.

Rewinding 2020, let us look at some of the best Hollywood films:

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Passing away of Chadwick Boseman was one of the most shocking news of the year. His last screen appearance was in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and it is one of his best performances. Also, Viola Davis who essays the titular role is a shining star in the film. With a subtle commentary on oppression, racism and emotional abuse, the film spoke about hope.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Women across the world have been protesting against the abortion laws but people have little understanding of it. This film can give its viewers some relevance as to why it is important for them. With a simple game of “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”, the audience gets to see the trouble a pregnant girl has to go through if she’s not ready for it.

The Invisible Man

Every horror film doesn’t need a ghost to creep you out, it can be people close to you. Being stalked and gaslit by a scientist ex-boyfriend, a girl decides to fight back. What follows is an act of adventurous revenge you’d enjoy watching.


With a Christopher Nolan film, one expects to be blown away. He is one filmmaker who manages to make his fans recall all the science lectures they never paid attention to. Tenet it same. However, he takes his game a notch higher. In this mind-bending film, he manages to turn around space and time in a multidimensional world. Accompanied by many ‘what just happened’ moments, one cannot help but be awestruck with Nolan’s brilliance.


You’re never too old to enjoy some animation and Wolfwalkers is a mushball in the genre. With a pinch of myth and magic, jungle and its secrets, the film is a sigh of relief with all the chaos that is around us. Just like Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers with its cute anecdotes, rides high on emotions.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman gave us a psychotic thriller suggesting that maybe we’re stationary and it is the time that moves through us. Sounds sort of bizarre, isn’t it? Throughout the film, you are thrown some questions that may have crossed your mind but you won’t find answers to them immediately. You’re entangled in a web of confusion and chaos until you find that connecting link which answers all the questions.

Da 5 Bloods

Moving forward in flashbacks, four African American soldiers return to war zone seeking remains of their fallen squad leader and are also searching for gold he helped them hide. These soldiers were sent to war without their wish and when they return they don’t even receive the applause they deserved. How it changes their lives and what remains intact is worth watching.

Sound of Metal

Loss of hearing could be a musicians’ worst nightmare and Riz Ahmed with his powerful performance echoes the same sentiments. It’s troubling to see him that way, but he never romanticizes nor vilifies deafness. It’s a difficult choice between passion and a newfound way of living. In his tumultuous journey, there are multiple moments when you’d empathise with him and want to help him understand, but can you?


Sharply written and cleverly performed, Mank goes behind the scenes of Citizen Kane to narrate an old Hollywood story in black and white frames. You might start the film with diverted attention, but soon you’ll be gripped to its engaging plot. While it offers humour when exploring the glam life of Herman J Mankiewicz, it stuns when we see moguls clashing for credits.

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