Tera Yaar Hoon Main: There are Many Who are Not Close to Their Fathers, Says Ssudeep Sahir

credits - Sudeep Sahir Instagram

credits - Sudeep Sahir Instagram

Ssudeep Sahir, who is seen in 'Tera Yaar Hoon Main' opposite Shweta Gulati, talks about the father-son equation shown in the show.

Actor Ssudeep Sahir, who received appreciation for his roles in TV shows like 'Woh Apna Sa', 'Jabb Love Hua' and 'Shastri Sisters', talks about his new show 'Tera Yaar Hoon Main'.

In his new show, Ssudeep plays Rajeev Bhansal, a father who is eager to keep up with today's time and be a part of his son's life.

Ssudeep said, “I have friendly relationship with my father. But I have friends and family members, who are in a similar situation. There are a lot of people who are not close to their fathers even though they love their fathers.”

“If your content is good and engaging, it can make the audience laugh, cry then you hit bull’s eye. So, it is not about the relations shown but the content that matters. If that is good and actors are doing good job, I am sure it will work,” he added.

Sharing his experience of shooting during the pandemic, he said, “The first day was really scary, you being in the house for four-five months then you come out on the sets where there are so many people. But, once I started coming on sets every day, there is a doctor, everybody is wearing a mask, people are wearing PPE kits, gloves and nobody is without it .There is an inspector from the channel who keeps an eye if everybody is wearing a mask or not. Slowly and steadily I became with okay with that because that is how it is. Now, I am more comfortable with the scenario.”

“I was confirmed for the role in first week of March and we were supposed to on floor in mid-April. So, I knew when given an option and things are better, I will be asked to report on the sets. So, I was prepared for it somewhere or the other,” he said.

The actor also talked about his previous show 'Krishna' and said that it was the most challenging role he played till date. “Paramavatar Shri Krishna was really difficult to portray. You cannot change lines or improvise there, so I really had to learn by heart everyday so that I don’t miss a word, that was a tough one.”

'Tera Yaar Hoon Main' also stars Shweta Gulati and Ansh Sinha. The show airs on SAB TV.

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