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The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is a Netflix Series You Must Watch with Family

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is a Netflix Series You Must Watch with Family

'Age of Resistance' is a 'Dark Crystal' spin off series set in a distinct universe of multifaceted creature beings, magic and adventure.

The trailer of Netflix Original The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance seems exciting and one must expect no less of an adrenaline rush from the biggest puppet production for TV. Come August 30 and fantasy creatures will paint a world of adventure, beauty and wonder, one you can watch with your entire family, most importantly children. Toss your fear of watching yet another story alone aside because this visual spectacle is geared toward a younger audience and blends elements that are emotional as well as real.

Watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance trailer here:

For the unversed, the series has rooting in its source material that happens to be a 1982 film-- The Dark Crystal, which Jim Henson co-directed with Frank Oz. Not surprising, considering the timeline, but it also happens to be the first big live-action film to feature no human actors.

The spin off prequel series is helmed by Frenchman Louis Leterrier, who recently got candid about the series, alongside Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim and chief executive of his entertainment company. They spoke to us about the universe of Age of Resistance coming alive, moving and breathing and how this parable works well in today's time.

"It's a complex world that we have created in the Age of Resistance. The movie had the iconic simplicity of just two characters (one male, one female), and we took that as our jumping off point creatively. We wanted to make Age of Resistance really rich. It is a diverse civilization, with seven clans living in different geographical parts of Thra. And yet they are all very close to nature."

This cues Louis about the relevance of the series. He adds, "It's (Age of Resistance) a myth and these stories are timeless. Their themes are universal and eternal. There are a lot of parallels to our worlds and because its a fable you'll realise that you recognise people without 'recognising' people. These themes don't age and the questions asked are really powerful."

Lisa also sheds light on how Age of Resistance is unique in the canvass of adventure, fantasy tales that also includes the likes of HBO's Game of Thrones and Walt Disney's live-action films, like The Lion King, Aladdin to name a few. She says, "Our series is puppetry and families can sit and watch it together. It has got a great adventure story line that will pull people through. Whether they thought they will ever watch a puppet show in their life, we know that they will be compelled by this story."

On comparisons with live-action, Louis says, "It is the opposite side of the same coin. We went from full CG to seemingly full practical effects (refers to puppetry), but ultimately we are telling the same thing. You have to have people identify with them (CG animals or puppets) and compel them to follow these creatures or animals and be afraid for them, cry when they cry. And no one does a puppet extravaganza, which our show promises."

Rounding up, both Lisa and Louis explain that one need not have necessarily seen the 1982 film to understand the spin off series. Lisa says, "We are counting on Netflix to get this series out to a lot of people who are not familiar with the original film. The way the writers have designed the series draws people who are not familiar. But if they know the original they are going to be even happier. I am confident we have done this series that fans of the original will be proud of and be excited about. But our goal is to bring in new fans and families."

The ten-part series premieres on Netflix starting August 30. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has characters voiced by Taron Egerton, Sigourney Weaver, Mark Hamill, Simon Pegg, Nathalie Emmanuel, Lena Headey, and Natalie Dormer.