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The Family Man's Priyamani on Playing Suchi: Fans Say 'May God Never Give Anyone a Wife Like You'

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Last Updated: July 17, 2021, 13:21 IST

Priyamani opens up on the hate her character in the series The Family Man faces

Priyamani opens up on the hate her character in the series The Family Man faces

Priyamani who played Suchi in The Family Man opened up on the trolling her character faced and how she deals with people hating her character.

The second season of The Family Man 2, that released a couple of weeks ago came back with a gripping storyline and more strong and compelling characters. However, not all characters sit well with fans and one such character to receive a lot of backlashes was Suchi, Srikant’s (Manoj Bajpayee) wife played by actress Priyamani. In a recent interview, the South actress opened up on how audiences tend to forget about the difference between reel and real-life when it comes to perceiving characters.

Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, she said, “I believe that I have done something right. You can diss me all you want, you can hate me. But that’s when I know that my character is good and the way it has shaped up right from season one, even now I received a message saying, ‘Aapko Shrikant ke sath aisa nahi karna chahiye tha.’ Almost on a daily basis, I keep getting such messages. Whatever post I put on my Instagram, half the people comment saying, ‘Oh Arvind ke liye aapne aisa kiya’, or ‘Aapne Shrikant ko dhoka kyun diya?’ I don’t tend to respond to all that. I just laugh it off. And that means I have done something right with my portrayal. Which is why they “hate” me. So I take it as a positive response to my performance. So that’s good in a way.”

When the show started, Priyamani’s character took off from the ground where she was already facing the dilemma of having to act as the sole caregiver, owing to Srikant’s job and his absence. She finds solace in her colleague Arvind (Sharad Kelkar). Though it is suggested that her character had developed a strong and intimate bond with Arvind, nothing was revealed explicitly.

Taking about the misogynist shade in the comments, she added, “This has been there from time immemorial. So we can’t actually sit everybody down and say ‘Boss this is the thing’. But yeah in a way I do feel that if this (role) was done by a man nobody would have questioned him. People would take it easy then. But if a woman is going through a lot of problems and is unable to communicate and she’s trying her best and goes to a counsellor, or whatever the development of the character from season 1 to season 2, a lot of people are not liking it. They still think that ‘you have to be loyal to your husband’. And a lot of people actually send me messages saying, ‘Bhagwan do roti kam de but tumhari jaisi biwi kisi ko na de'(laughs)”

“I can’t sit down and explain everyone saying, ‘Boss this is reel. I am an actor. This is my job what I am doing. I am not this in real life’. And people are actually going to the extent of saying even things like ‘You will never be happy in your life.’ I wonder why go to such an extent? Look you don’t like the character, well and good, that is your opinion. But you don’t have to take it out personally on the actor who is playing the part. But yeah not everybody is in the ‘hate mode’. There are lot of people who have liked my character and they are fighting the trolls for me. Some people even asked me why don’t I reply to trolls, I thought I can’t keep messaging each and every person,” the actress concluded.

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