There Are Camps, I've Lost Films To Other Actors And It's Hurtful: Dia Mirza

There Are Camps, I've Lost Films To Other Actors And It's Hurtful: Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza has opened up about the insider-outsider debate and the existence of camps in Bollywood. She admitted that she lost films to other actors.

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  • Last Updated: July 28, 2020, 6:47 PM IST
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Sushant Singh Rajput's death has triggered debates on favouritism, lobbying and nepotism in Bollywood. Many artistes of the Hindi film fraternity have come forward to share their personal experiences of navigating the power dynamics in the industry.

Now, Dia Mirza has weighed in on the debate, saying that favouritism does exist, just like in every other walk of life. She also said that camps do exist in the film industry.

“There are camps. Of course, there are camps! There are camps of people who get along with each other, who work closely and intimately with each other, their personalities gel.

“I do understand that if I had been favoured by certain individuals, maybe that would have opened up more opportunities for me. But I have always believed that it is important to walk your own path and set your own course and discover your own opportunities. Yes, when I was younger, I used to find it very unsettling. There have been times where I have been disturbed by it as well. I have lost films to other actors and it’s hurtful but you get up, you dust it off and you move forward. I feel a personal agenda in a lot of things that are being said. I see a lot of personal bone to pick with people. That’s why I feel it’s unhealthy,” Dia said.

Actress Divya Dutta also spoke out about being "dropped out" of films without prior intimation. Ranvir Shorey admitted to being "socially and professionally isolated" after his alleged fallout with the Bhatts.

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