There's Some Misunderstanding or Provocation Behind This, Says Ranu Mondal On Daughter's Accusation

Image of Ranu Mondal, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Ranu Mondal, courtesy of Instagram

Viral singer Ranu Mondal's daughter has accused Ranu's managers for creating a rift. She says there's no problem with Ranu.

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  • Last Updated: December 4, 2019, 3:40 PM IST
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The overnight singing sensation Ranu Mondal is in the news yet again. Her daughter, Elizabeth Sathi Roy, had earlier accused the members of the club that took after her, for taking advantage of Ranu. Sathi had further claimed that Ranu’s manager had in fact threatened to break her leg if she tried to contact her.

“They don't let me talk to ma even over the phone. Tapan and Atindra want fame, so they have sidelined me... Tapan takes money from my mother in the pretext of buying goods for her daily use. They have taken Rs. 10,000 from ma's account and bought only a suitcase and a couple of nighties for her. I don't trust them at all,” she was quoted as saying by IANS.

Ranu, however, dismissed her allegations as "misunderstanding". According to a report in Hindustan Times, she said, “I think there’s some misunderstanding or maybe someone is provoking [Sathi] to say all these things. Atindra (the man who shared Ranu’s video on social media) and Tapan (Das; a club member) are taking good care of me. I’m unaware of them threatening Sathi.”

She says that now that she has been recognised for her art and recorded three songs with Himesh Reshammiya, money is not her concern but getting the opportunity to perform is enough. “Also, to survive we all need food, proper clothes and a decent place to stay; by God’s grace, I have all that now. Yes, they had taken Rs 10,000 but then that was used in buying household stuff, clothes, cooking gas and travel fares. It’s very important to trust people and I do that,” she added.

Atindra, however, has retorted to all the claims, calling them as ways to malign their image. He has said where had she been all these years. ”Where was she (Sathi) all these years? I understand that she would send Rs 200 or Rs 500 to Ranuji from time to time. But is that enough? Ranuji used to sing at Ranaghat station and would loiter around in the lanes and bylanes of Kolkata, why didn’t her daughter do something then? She is clearly trying to malign us.”

Ranu had married twice. Her first husband passed away and his second husband stays in Mumbai. She has a son and a daughter each from both the marriages.

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