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This 1999 Indian Sitcom was 'Inspired’ by FRIENDS

A still from 'Hello Freinds'

A still from 'Hello Freinds'

'Hello Friends' is a scene-by-scene remake of American sitcom 'Friends'. Take a look at a clip from the former.

Fans of the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S have been waiting long for the reunion of the cast to take place soon. The reunion that has been in talks for a while has been indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic.

And if you believe to be the biggest fan of the cult show, then you might be in for a surprise.

Did you know of the Hindi version of the popular show? Yes, we came across a series dubbed Hello Friends from back in the year 1999 which was an Indian take of classic superhit television series.

The Indian small screen tossed out several dramas based on concepts extraordinarily similar to certain TV shows from the West.


Move over loose adaptation, Hello Friends was a complete scene-to-scene remake almost a carbon copy attempt on the American sitcom.

The Indian clone starred former MTV VJs Cyrus Broacha as Chandler Bing, Maria Goretti as Phoebe Buffay, Nikhil Chinapa as Ross Geller along with Simone Singh as Monica Geller, Anil Dimri as Joey Tribbiani and Aparna as Rachael Green.

The cast, like Central Park in the original series, chilled at their favourite haunt, a snack bar called Uncle Sam's.

Talking about the show, producer-director Ajit Pal had told India Today, "They are the idols of the youth who are a readymade audience for the show. The jokes are very Indian." The show aired on Zee TV for 26 episodes.