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This Body Language Expert Thinks Brie Larson was 'Stiff' and 'Domineering' During Avengers Endgame Interview

Image: Brie Larson/Instagram

Image: Brie Larson/Instagram

Body Language expert Mandy O'Brien has issued a demonstrative YouTube video claiming that Brie Larson's demeanour during an Avengers: Endgame interview was indicative of her 'unprofessional' behaviour.

  • Last Updated: May 3, 2019, 10:11 PM IST
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While many were doting and cheering their lungs out for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame, a body language expert, Mandy O'Brien, has shot down Larson for appearing too 'stiff' and 'domineering' during an interview for the Endgame press tour. O'Brien, who also issued a demonstrative YouTube video that has been viewed for over more than 5 lakh times, contests that Larson's personality and her demeanour during the said interview was indicative of her 'unprofessional' behaviour.

O'Brien said, referring to an interview session with Avengers: Endgame stars Larson, Don Cheadle and Chris Hemsworth, "Larson is really trying to dominate them" and that "in her (Brie's) mind, domination equals acceptance. In reality, submission will get you a lot further in friendship circles than trying to dominate and boss everyone around."

She added, while Cheadle and Hemsworth were "relaxed," Larson comes across as domineering by appearing "stiff" and "trying to be taller than these gentlemen."

O'Brien called Larson "unprofessional", when the latter claimed that she did her own stunts in the film, and thinks that Larson's body language implied she was also "insecure," giving Hemsworth "bedroom eyes" and looking at him to "validate her."

After this criticism, Cheadle, who was also part of the interview that was referred to by Mandy, wrote in support of Larson on Twitter. He called out O'Brien and claimed on Twitter that Larson was being very accommodating.

See O'Brien's 'Body Language: Avengers Endgame Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle' video here:

Larson's solo-led Captain Marvel did over USD 1 billion in box office collections.

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