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This Might Be the Reason Priyanka Chopra Opted Out of Salman Khan's Bharat


Last Updated: June 13, 2019, 14:33 IST

This Might Be the Reason Priyanka Chopra Opted Out of Salman Khan's Bharat

At the wrap-up party of The Sky Is Pink, her comeback film after a four-year hiatus from Bollywood, Priyanka said why she chose this Shonali Bose film and not a tentpole potboiler.

A lot has been said about Priyanka Chopra quitting the leading lady role in Salman Khan's Bharat at the last minute. Katrina Kaif stepped in to replace her. During the promotions of Bharat, one of the major talking points was Priyanka's exit. While people have formed their own opinions about probable reasons, the actress has never addressed the topic.

At the wrap-up party of her next Bollywood film, The Sky Is Pink, Priyanka talked about why she chose this Shonali Bose film to break her four-year hiatus from Bollywood. In a video that's has surfaced on social media, PeeCee is explains why she opted for a story like The Sky is Pink over a tentpole, song-and-dance film.

Priyanka said, "Everyone questions my judgment – why not this tent-pole, potboiler, song-and-dance film and why am I playing a mother." She added that she had played the character of a 62-year-old woman in Saat Khoon Maaf and the reason she said yes to The Sky is Pink is because she believed in Shonali and her vision.

Everyone around her started laughing when Priyanka was asked her to name the 'potboiler' she chose not to do. The actress broke into a laughter as well, and then said she was talking in a general sense.

Watch the video here:

Salman had said in a media interaction, "She (Priyanka) spoke to me saying, 'Nick (American actor-singer Nick Jonas) has proposed to me and I want to get married, so there will be some date issues'. I said, 'Sure, get married, we can adjust those two, three days. Then she said that she does not want to do the film."

Salman added that he believes Priyanka is a hard-working actress, who efficiently maintains her career in Bollywood as well as in the American entertainment industry, but it takes guts to leave one of the biggest films of her career to get married. His comments sparked off speculation that his ego was bruised after Priyanka 'dumped' his film.

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