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The Office Has the Perfect Ensemble to Get the Delhi Vibe right

The Office Has the Perfect Ensemble to Get the Delhi Vibe right

As the air date of the Indian adaptation of 'The Office' nears, we caught up with actors Abhinav Sharma, Sayandeep Sengupta and Samridhi Dewan and sought their views on working in digital space.

The Office, Hotstar Specials' latest offering in India, is indeed an official adaptation of the cringe-comedy, mokumentary series of the same name that took roots in the UK, amassed popularity in its US version and was declared groundbreaking in the paradigm of TV entertainment by the end of the first decade of this century.

It takes cue from the monotony of office work to inspire comedy, tempered with self-introspection on relevant issues, will see Delhi actors Abhinav Sharma, Sayandeep Sengupta and Samridhi Dewan take up the roles of youngsters stuck up in dead-end jobs, amidst hilariously hurtful co-workers in the same space.

Having experienced working in different mediums like film, theatre and web, the artists insist that a TV series like The Office, which is in collaboration with a premium streaming site in India, places them in a substantial position for the coming times in the digital content space. Responding to a question about the same, Dewan, who plays Pammi, the office receptionist says, "I think it makes everything very exciting. The most exciting things are happening on web right now. TV, web, films and theatre are all different from each other and all have different experiences. You just have to choose which kind of content you want to be in."

Sharma, who plays a "confused" intern in The Office and is a big fan of the original series, says, "Its hard to imagine a better project to start with (referring to The Office). And it feels special to be surrounded by talent in a space that you know is special. For now, for us its the web space." Notably, Sharma's character in The Office, Sapan Gill lends itself to the debate around nepotism.

Sengupta, whose character Amit Sharma in The Office is the ultimate prankster, introspects and claims, "Being a working actor as of now is my goal. There is nothing more to it. But yes, as an actor you relate more to such content more (refers to The Office). As Sayandeep, I relate with the content that is made on the web space, as of today. I do not relate with the television shows. So I think this is the best that you can get."

The Office also stars Mukul Chadda, Gauhar Khan, Gopal Dutt, Gavin Methalaka and others in pivotal roles. Adapted in India by Rohan Sippy, Debbie Rao and Vivek Bhushan, The Office comes from Applause Entertainment, which has previously made Criminal Justice, Hostages and City of Dreams.

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