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Todd Phillips Reveals It Was Very Difficult Convincing Joaquin Phoenix for Joker

Image credits: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Image credits: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Todd Phillips revealed he spent months talking to Joaquin Phoenix to convince him for the role of Joker.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have become a popular director-actor duo after Joker. And now, Phillips has revealed that it took a lot of effort to even make Phoenix accept the role.

Phoenix has turned down offers to essay the role of comic-book characters several times in the past, expressing his disinterest in playing them. He was offered the role of playing Doctor Strange and even Batman.

For this reason, it took Phillips months of conversations to convince Phoenix for the role. Interestingly, Phillips had pitched the idea of Phoenix playing Joker to Warner Bros. before pitching it to the actor himself. While talking to Deadline Phillips revealed that it took him a year of conversations with WB to make them agree for Joker.

Addressing his efforts in convincing Phoenix, Phillips said, "I know Joaquin had been approached in that comic book universe, and he’s always not done it. So it wasn’t an easy thing, but he read the script and we just had these long meetings that went on for months, of talking about what it could be, what it’ll look like, what it’ll feel like."

Following the success of Joker, Phoenix has expressed his interest in playing the character again stating that there is a lot more to explore with him. There have been conversations on a sequel but nothing has been confirmed yet. One of the reasons being that Phillips himself was never interested in making a sequel after making Joker.

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first published:November 25, 2019, 15:59 IST