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Todd Phillips Reveals Joaquin Phoenix's Most Nervous Moment from Joker

Image Courtesy: Todd Phillips Instagram

Image Courtesy: Todd Phillips Instagram

Todd Phillips revealed that one particular scene in Joker made Joaquin Phoenix sweat with nervousness.

The Joker is a character that has been portrayed by numerous actors over the years. Throughout the portrayals, the characters laugh has become an important part, no matter who played it.

Joaquin Phoenix who became the latest actor to play The Joker had also presented audiences with his version of the character's laugh. Director Todd Phillips recently revealed that enacting the laugh was the one aspect of the character that made Phoenix truly nervous. In an interview with Deadline, Phillips stated that Phoenix's nervousness even lead to him sweating while shooting for scenes that included the laugh.

"He was nervous about the laugh because that is a hard thing to do. It was just us dancing around it whenever I'd be up at his house and we were talking about the script. Then one day he's like, 'You know, I've been thinking about this laugh and can I audition it for you?' And it was actually fantastic and it's really what we see in the movie, the beginning one on the boss and in the social worker's office. It was amazing because he was sweating about it like so nervous about it but he did it so well."

Joaquin Phoenix's laughter has definitely been winning hearts and awards. Joker went on to become one of the most profitable R-Rated as well as comic-book films of all time. Phoneix has also been winning Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and SAG Awards for his performance. This has led to predictions that he might also win an Oscar for the role. This would make him the second actor to win an Oscar for the role of The Joker following Heath Ledger's win for his role in The Dark Knight.

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first published:January 26, 2020, 17:43 IST