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Todd Phillips Says He Thought Joker Would Be Cancelled Over Controversy Surrounding the Film

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Prior to its release, Todd Phillips' Joker received severe backlash with claims from audiences that the film would justify and promote gun violence.

Todd Phillips has had a firm reputation over the years for being an entertaining director and screenwriter. This year the director formed a new fanbase for himself with comic-book fans following the release of his film titled Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

With a budget that did not exceed 70 million dollars, Joker earned more than a billion dollars throughout its theatrical run. While such a massive success was not expected, Phillips revealed that his expectations of the film were completely different.

In a recent podcast with author Michael Moore, Todd Phillips revealed that he initially feared Joker would be shut and canceled over the controversy surrounding the film. "I thought we might have been over on Joker, just where the narrative on Joker started heading in the media. I started thinking 'Jesus, is this going to be one of those things where Warners -- because it's owned by AT&T and WarnerMedia, it's a much bigger thing than Joker will ever be -- do they just go 'This isn't worth the headache?' There was a minute there."

As Joker was revealed to be a new and original origin story for The Joker prior to its release, audiences lashed out against the film claiming that it would justify and encourage violence. This, however, was clarified by both Phillips and Phoenix to not be the case.

In the podcast, Phillips also revealed that news vans visited the sites of Joker's screenings in New York in the expectations for a shootout or some other news related incidents. Despite these criticisms, the film screened without any controversies and enjoyed a successful theatrical run.

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