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Transformers Makers are Pumped up After 'Bumblebee' Success, 2 New Movies in Development: Report

Image courtesy: Bumblebee/ Twitter

Image courtesy: Bumblebee/ Twitter

One of the films had been announced by producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura to be a sequel of 'Bumblebee' with the film's cast expected to reprise their respective roles.

The Transformers franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs but this has not stopped Paramount Pictures from investing in it and trying to improve the series. It seems like the studio is taking another step towards rebuilding the reputation of the Transformers franchise.

Variety revealed that an inside source has stated that two new Transformers films are in development at the moment. One of these films is expected to be a sequel to the recently released Bumblebee. The film made at the lowest budget in the franchise had proven to be a success. While it was originally planned to be a prequel to the other films, the filmmakers later called it a reboot of the franchise.

Earlier, it was announced that a sequel to Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) was in development. This was however scrapped after the film's downfall at the box office. This has led to speculation that the second film is a main Transformers film aiming to reboot the entire franchise.

This speculation is fueled by the departure of filmmaker Michael Bay from the Transformers franchise. Following The Last Knight, Bay had stated that he would be stepping away from the franchise to explore other more original projects.

It is possible that Paramount Pictures would now bring in new writers to the room and cast afresh for the next set of Transformers films. The idea of a new cast is not very surprising either. Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, who has appeared in two Transformers films, had also announced earlier that he would not be returning to the franchise.

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