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TV Actress Debina Bonnerjee Goes on a Cleaning Spree During Self-quarantine

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Debina Bonnerjee has been sharing regular updates on Instagram of the activities that has kept her occupied at home during coronavirus self-quarantine.

Television actress Debina Bonnerjee has been doing her bit to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Debina, who is practising self-quarantine just like every responsible citizen, has found interesting ways to evade the boredom of being stuck inside the house.

She shared a sneak peek showing how she is utilising her time to clean and organise her shoe rack. The Aladdin actress posted images of the process, where she can be sorting her sandals and shoes.

"Self-quarantined. And I have so much to do. I organised, cleansed my shoes Mission 1 accomplished. What are you doing??" she captioned it.

Recently, she uploaded her workout regime at home during the quarantine phase. Debina's caption reads, “Happy and contended. This too shall pass. But grab this moment do something useful. Home bound. With family.”

In her earlier post, Debina uploaded a photo of herself and her pet clad in a safety mask. She urged her followers to be safe and mentioned to not forget taking care of animals during this difficult phase.

“If mommy will, I will too! We all know doggos can't get the virus and thank God for that but my helper made it for us and it's the thought that counts,” reads her caption.

In India, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 has risen more than 200 and has claimed 5 lives so far. Following the rapid rise of positive Coronavirus cases in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a curfew for the whole nation on March 22 for 14 hours. He has requested citizens to stay indoors and abide by the instructions in public interest.

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