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TV Actress Smriti Khanna Debunks Myth of Getting Flat Abs 6 Days After Delivery

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Smriti Khanna said that she got her normal body shape back naturally, because you are not allowed to exercise upto 6 or 8 weeks after delivery.

TV actress Smriti Khanna recently gave birth to her first child, and went back to her normal slim body soon after. As a result, the Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi actress has been flooded with DMs about her pregnancy diet, exercise and more.

Smriti finally answered all the questions her followers had in a video she posted on Instagram recently. Since the controversial photo of hers flaunting abs in just 6 days went viral, the actress clarified, "I didn't make any abs after my delivery. It's not practically possible to have a body like that in 10 to 12 days."

Smriti revealed, "I gained about 14 kg during her pregnancy and I lost about 4.5 of it in the delivery room and after that I lost about 3 kg in 10 to 12 days." She rubbished, "I am not following any exercise as assumed by other people. And you can't exercise upto 6 or 8 weeks after delivery."

She added that she got back to her body shape naturally and her abs reappeared on their own, not because of any exercise. She said, "I lost fluids because of breast feeding. It will take time for my lower belly to go, otherwise I haven't put on weight on my face, arms or thighs." She advised her followers to walk and do kegel exercises as it is something she is following.

Smriti shared she had a normal delivery and preferred it that way since she believes that the body heals faster. She began by saying that through her pregnancy, she did simple workouts which included walks and pre-natal yoga.

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