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Tweet Review: Shah Rukh Khan Is Flawless In 'Fan'

Divya Pal | News18.comdivyapal2013

Updated:April 15, 2016, 6:26 PM IST
Tweet Review: Shah Rukh Khan Is Flawless In 'Fan'

Ever since the first promo of Shah Rukh Khan’s much-talked about film ‘Fan’ was unveiled, his admirers across the world have been awaiting the film’s release. The fact that the film features King Khan in dual roles – as super-star Aryan Khanna and his creepy, obsessive look-alike in a 20-something Gaurav, the impact is expected to be huge and expectations a lot more.

While we all wondered if a fan can really have a delirious obsession for a star, most of us were convinced with the ways Gaurav adopted to express his unconditional love for him in 'Fan'.

Shah Rukh Khan's last few releases 'Dilwale', 'Happy New Year' and 'Chennai Express' may have set the cash registers ringing at the Box Office, but these film clearly failed him, making 'Fan' success a game changer for the megastar.

Will the film be as intriguing and promising as it look in the trailer? Will 'Fan' bring forth a hitherto unseen Shah Rukh Khan - both in terms of appearance and acting chops?

Divya Pal is inside the theater to live tweet the experience.

9.00 AM Will @iamsrk come up with something new with #Fan? We'll find out. Stay tuned for our tweet review.

9.05 AM Directed by Maneesh Sharma, produced by Aditya Chopra, #Fan tracks journey of a fan from admiration to obsession.

9.10 AM Glimpses of popular shots frm @iamsrk's memorable films, interviews gives an insight into how he turned into a SUPERSTAR. Perfect start #Fan

9.15 AM Fans erupt into joy with the very first shot of @iamsrk. We are expecting the cheer to be unstoppable throughout the film. #Fan

9.17 AM It is fun how fan Gaurav mimics @iamsrk dialogues in his real life. Haven't most of us done that to impress everyone around? #Fan

9.20 AM Man karta hai ki din bhar baeth kar parda nihaarta rahoon, says fan Gaurav aka @iamsrk. So true for all his die-hard supporters #Fan

9.22 AM We are over 20 minutes into the film, and @iamsrk is truly incredible as fan Gaurav. He plays a typical Dilli chap with utmost ease. #Fan

9.24 AM This one sequence where Gaurav gives a shout out to star Aryan Khanna on his birthday has been shot well. @iamsrk #Fan

9.30 AM From @iamsrk's stardom, rivalries and controversies - director Maneesh Sharma has used every bit of it to spice up #Fan

9.35 AM.@iamsrk has paid unusual attention to the nuances of his fans. #Fan is infused with several humourous moments, courtesy #Gaurav.

9.50 AM .@iamsrk is compelling as fan Gaurav. His inability to contain his excitement when he speaks to Aryan Khanna is truly amazing. #Fan

10.01 AM .@iamsrk aka Gaurav transition from a nervous fan to a flawless actor like Aryan during his first meeting with the star is convincing. #Fan

10.05 AM Gaurav hai toh Aryan hai, Gaurav nahi to Aryan kuch bhi nahi - this dialogue captures the essence of #Fan. @iamsrk

10.11 AM #Fan first half is fast-paced, entertaining and gripping. @iamsrk as Gaurav who can go a big too far in his obsession is impressive.

10.16 AM The level that fans can stoop to - to harm stars is very scary. #Fan puts forth the idea really well. @iamsrk

10.21 AM Pressure stars are subjected to is massive. How they conduct themselves, how punctual they are #Fan shows it isn't easy to be star @iamsrk

10.27 AM Chase sequence of Gaurav, Aryan will have you on edge of your seat. Tension builds up, you wait to know what will happen next #Fan @iamsrk

10.31 AM #Fan offers several moments that will make it tough for you to take your eyes off the screen. @iamsrk @FanTheFilm

10.41 AM Ab tak star dekha hai usney. Ab asli cheers dikhaunga, Dilliwala. Fans are super excited to know how Aryan takes on Gaurav. #Fan @iamsrk

10.51 AM Gaurav might be a creepy lookalike of @iamsrk. But acting wise, he is far more powerful #Fan

11.20 AM Gaurav's aggression, insanity and unpredictable nature is the real reason why you'd want to watch the film. #Fan @iamsrk @FanTheFilm

11.41 AM Director Maneesh Sharma has convincingly captured the fandom and stardom of @iamsrk provided you don't look for too much of rationality #Fan

11.42 AM #Jabra might not be included in #Fan, but film's background score adds to the impact, especially during action/chase sequences @FanTheFilm

11.46 AM Screenplay isn't completely flawless, the supporting cast of #Fan does justice to the roles assigned.

11.47 AM Prosthetic makeup effect used is amazing, @iamsrk as Gaurav is recognisable, but you can't deny the changes in his cheeks, eyes, lips. #Fan

11.48 AM In adding to @iamsrk, the message that the film carries is also significant - #Fan ke alava kuch aur banke dikhao. @FanTheFilm #Fan

11.49 AM With #Fan, we have finally got back our actor @iamsrk. Yes, Firr Se Jabra Fan Ho Gaya.

11.50 AM #Fan climax could have been a lot more stronger, but that doesn't dilute film's impact.

11.51 AM Watch #Fan for fun, to see how @iamsrk brings something new, interesting for his admirers. @FanTheFilm

11.53 AM Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #Fan. Stay tuned for more updates

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