Vikas Guppta Connects with Boy on Social Media Who Made Insulting Remarks Against Him

Vikas Guppta

Vikas Guppta

The boy confessed during interaction with Vikas Guppta that he made the video insulting the latter only to gain popularity while also accepting that Vikas did not do anything wrong to him.

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Television producer and host Vikas Guppta a few days ago revealed that he is bisexual. Following actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, he opened up about his depression and alleged that Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan for his illness. He has also accused Priyank and Parth of making false allegations against him.

After revealing that he is bisexual, Guppta received support from many. However, some people also made fun of the TV producer and said insulting remarks about him.

Recently, Guppta talked to a few netizens who came out in his support. Guppta uploaded a video on Instagram, in which he is seen speaking on various issues.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “As I have decided to be #outandabout to make my world better even the universe is helping me to do that.”

Guppta, in the video, talked on injection issues and Priyank and Parth have told a lie about him to the world. He added that their lie was hurting his work.

Towards the end of his interaction, the TV producer connected with a boy named Vansh, who made derogatory comments about him in a video.

The boy confessed that he made the video only to gain popularity, accepting that Vikas did not do anything wrong to him.

The TV producer said that Vikas Khanna called him to extend support. He asserted, “I don't think I would be able to get a chance to address the whole injection issue and today I did it.”

Finally, Guppta said that he refuses to entertain people who do not care about others.

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