Was Rishi Kapoor's Cryptic Tweet About Tablighi Jamaat?

Was Rishi Kapoor's Cryptic Tweet About Tablighi Jamaat?

Day after tweeting that India needs to be put under Emergency, Rishi Kapoor posted a cryptic tweet, which is making people question if he wrote about the ongoing Tablighi Jamaat row.

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  • Last Updated: May 2, 2020, 9:52 PM IST
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Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has posted a cryptic tweet on the uncertainty of what might happen tomorrow. Even though he did not mention any particular event or incident, his tweet has left netizens speculating if he is referring to the ongoing Tablighi Jamaat row in the wake of the escalating COVID-19 crisis.

"Aaj ye hua kal kya kya hona hai? That is why I said we need the military out. Emergency," posted Kapoor on Tuesday night.

A few days ago, the actor had insisted on Twitter that India needs to enforce Emergency in these times. In his latest tweet he reiterates the stand.

Netizens interpreted that the actor might be referring to the large religious gathering at Delhi's Nizamuddin Markaz, which happened earlier this month amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on Rishi Kapoor's tweet, a user wrote: "Time to come heavily on #TablighiJamaat and impose BAN on it. Confiscate all its wealth and put behind bars all these errant mullahs incommunicado down south UTs. Needed Law against #ReligiousConversion (main foray of JAMAT). Enough of #Article14 excuse."

While a section of netizens supported the actor's idea of emergency rule, most opposed it.

One user wrote: "Why would you expose our armed forces to #coronavirus? They are not trained to fight their own civilians. What if the contagion spreads in military?"

Another user opined that this is just the beginning of World War III. The tweet reads: "This is the beginning of Third World War which China has started against the world and whole world is suffering due to some foolish and illiterate people now India will start suffering. we all need to fight."

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