Watch Smriti Irani Get Emotional on Visiting her Old Gurugram House

File photo of Union minister Smriti Irani. (PTI)

File photo of Union minister Smriti Irani. (PTI)

Union Minister Smriti Irani found the unexpected when she visited her old home in Gurugram. Watch videos.

No matter the number of houses we live in through our lives, the one we grow up in always has a special place in our hearts. For politician-actor Smriti Irani, it’s no different. The 42-year-old recently visited her old home in Gurugram after 35 years and couldn’t help getting emotional.

Smriti walked down this memory lane on the special request of her good friend, TV mogul Ekta Kapoor, to promote Alt Balaji’s new web series Home.

As part of the promotional campaign, the Union Minister visited the Gurugram neighbourhood in which she grew up.

However, she could not hold back her tears on finding out that her former house was now a dry cleaner’s shop.

In the three videos that Ekta Kapoor has shared on her social media accounts, Irani can be seen reminiscing the days she spent in the area. She met with her old neighbuours, some of whom still remember her. She even visited the shops and stores she used to frequent as a kid, sharing interesting anecdotes of her life as a girl growing up in the then sleepy town.

In one clip, she can be seen asking a shopkeeper to give her the doll she wanted as a kid but did not have the money to buy. “Today I have Rs. 150. Give me that doll,” she said to the old man at the counter.

Watching the minister taking a leisurely walk down memory lane, it’s difficult to not go along with her, all the time thinking about the house you spent your childhood in, and wondering if it still stands there, just as you remember it.

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