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We Finally Know Why Night King Wanted to Kill Everybody in Game of Thrones

We Finally Know Why Night King Wanted to Kill Everybody in Game of Thrones

Since the very beginning, the audience failed to guess why the Night King actually wanted to kill everybody, but now, we know the answer.

HBO's much loved series Game of Thrones is known for brutally killing its characters. They killed Ned Stark in the very first season, his son Robb Stark in the season followed and with the last season, they almost made everybody believe that Night King will kill every living being in Westeros. But before he could end the human existence, Arya Stark stepped in and put a valyrian steel dagger right through his heart. In an instant, the Night King was dead and his army of white walkers finished.

But, since the very beginning, the audience failed to guess why he wanted to kill everybody turning Westeros into a wasteland, and what purpose will that serve?

In the earlier seasons, it was revealed that the Night King was the master and the first of the White Walkers which existed since the age of the First Men. He was also the supreme leader of the army of the dead.

In one of his visions, Bran saw that one of the Children of the Forest pressed a dragonglass dagger into a man's chest, causing his eyes to turn blue. The man became the Night King, the first of the White Walkers.

In Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2, just like the audience, Samwell Tarly asks Bran Stark why Night King wanted to kill the latter and what did he want. To this, Bran tells Sam that the king of the dead wanted 'an endless night'. He said, "He wants to erase this world. And I am its memory."

Sam elaborated it further and said, "That's what death is, isn’t it? Forgetting. Being forgotten. Your memories don’t come from books. Your stories aren't just stories. If I wanted to erase the world of men, I'd start with you."

But this did not answer the complete question for building up this terrifying and chilly villain for about a decade.

Well, the documentary, Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, gives quite a convincing theory coming straight from the Night King himself. In one the behind the scene sequences of the two-hour long documentary, Vladimir Furdik, who plays the iconic character goes on to explain the intentions of the Night King.

He says, "I think he’s angry. He did not want to be the Night King. The Children of the Forest, they've changed him, and now he's like, 'Okay, you want me to be Night King? I'm going to kill you.'"

This is probably what only Furdik thinks, but we cannot disagree on how compelling it is to believe. It's fascinating to imagine Night King who we have seen in a dark light as a man who was forced to do something out of his wish and now he is avenging it. It's like his evilness got a purpose and he randomly doesn't want everybody to turn into partial immortal icy creatures.

Meanwhile, rumours state that a Game of Thrones prequel is expected to deal with the conflict between the first humans in Westeros and the Children of the Forest. The prequel is said to explore the storyline catering to the creation of Night King as well. But until the prequel is released, this seems like a pretty reliable explanation to Night King's ambitions.

(Stills from HBO's series Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones: The Last Watch)

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