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What is The Big Picture, the Game Show Hosted by Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh steps into the TV medium with The Big Picture on Colors Tv

Ranveer Singh steps into the TV medium with The Big Picture on Colors Tv

We explain the game play of The Big Picture in detail and why Ranveer Singh is the correct choice as host-companion of the trivia based quiz show.

Ranveer Singh is stepping into the TV medium with the upcoming trivia based game show The Big Picture. The actor has been signed on by Colors TV to kickstart this new format with an India version. Originally developed in Israel, The Big Picture was developed in 2014 and has been considered as a path breaking format for TV created by mentalist Nimrod Harel. India is the fifth country that has picked up the format, following deals in the Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal and Thailand.

We look at what this show offers and how it has the potential to be a game changer for reality TV.

What is The Big Picture?

The Big Picture puts viewers’ knowledge to the test with a series of picture-based questions, with connected players working along in real-time from home with a studio player to win a cash prize. There are a total of 12 questions during the game with the stakes rising with each step. The questions will keep getting difficult at every point as the cash prize rises. Meanwhile, there are no lifelines in the show to help the contestant during time of doubt. Instead, the contestant in the studio can bring in one partner with him/her ‘Into the Picture’ at any point during the play. The maximum number of partners that can come on board with a contestant will be three but the catch is, the winning prize will have to be split evenly at the end of the game with as many number of partners the contestant has invited to play along at that point in time. The partner will have already given the correct answer from their home so the journey of the contestant continues. This aspect makes the show interesting and also engages the viewers while giving them a chance to participate and win from the comfort of their homes. It is expected that the India version will have the grand prize of at least Rs 1 crore.


The Big Picture game play explained

— It is a 12-stage trivia based game show where the participant has to identify pictures that appear in front of him on a large screen and answer correctly choosing one from the four given choices.

— After every correctly answered question, the participant can decide to quit with the money he made

so far. If he answers correctly all 12 questions he wins the grand prize.

— Help from home: When the participant feels hesitant about the correct answer to a question he/she has the option of having one of the viewers at home solve the question for him, up to three times (through the website or the app). A randomly chosen viewer becomes their partner and shares with them all of his winnings up to the grand prize.

— The Big Picture Question: After completing the 4th stage, the participant will be presented with a

glimpse of the ‘Big Picture’ (the grand prize question). He/she can then take a risk and try to answer the question. If he/she is right, they win the grand prize immediately and if they are wrong, they will be ‘Out of the Picture’ or out of the game. If the contestant is unsure about the answer to the ‘Big Picture’ question, they can continue playing game and wait until they reach stage 8 when again they will be presented with ‘The Big Picture’ question, but this time more details will be shown to better the chances of answering the question and win the grand prize. Again, he/she can take a risk and try to answer or proceed with the game until he reaches stage 12 when ‘The Big Picture’ or the grand prize question will be fully revealed.

— The All or Nothing question: Once the participant decides to quit the game with their winnings, they can

split all of the winnings with the partner/s or try and answer an ‘All or Nothing’ question. If they answer correctly, the money is all theirs and the partners are left with nothing. If they are wrong in answering the ‘All or Nothing’ question, the winner’s prize is divided equally among the partners and the contestant leaves empty-handed.

— Additionally, if the contestant wants to quit the show, the previous answer has to be answered by them and not their partner.

What’s new with The Big Picture?

The Big Picture is a unique show format that keeps the viewers engaged throughout the game play. Their visual and aural senses are as involved as their minds and intuition. The questions cover wide ranging topics but ‘The Picture’ reveals it all. Interestingly, prior knowledge is required but the presence of mind ‘to see’ beyond the obvious, experience and being in the moment is also as important. Additionally, there is no time limit to answer the questions so there is no pressure to get it right immediately. This takes the edge off the contestants’ minds and just let them be involved fully without distractions. Studio audience is not required in the show as the focus is on the host, the contestant and ‘The Picture’.

Why Ranveer Singh is a good choice as the Big Picture host

The host in The Big Picture will be more of a companion to the contestant than a traditional quiz master. The studio is designed in such a way that the host stands besides the contestant and they aren’t separated by any computers as in Kaun Banega Crorepati or a big console like in Dus Ka Dum. The pilot of The Big Picture was shot with famous British host Osher Günsberg dressed in a well fitted suit and Ranveer has already revealed his look as he readies to host the show. Ranveer has earlier showed his hosting skills during various awards show and judging by his lively personality and friendly vibes, he is the perfect fit for The Big Picture format. He will certainly be the one on whose shoulders the show will bank on to be a success apart from the interesting game play it brings to the table. When the spotlight is on the contestant, someone like Ranveer will be a good companion to have around.

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first published:July 31, 2021, 07:00 IST