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Why Sonam Kapoor's 'Neerja' will be remembered as Bollywood's most favourite biopic

Why Sonam Kapoor's 'Neerja' will be remembered as Bollywood's most favourite biopic

What 'Neerja' has done is definitely way beyond just moistening audience’ eyes.

It's not easy to tell a story of a person you’ve never met, in a way that it almost makes the entire theatre applaud in unison. What ‘Neerja’ has done is definitely way beyond just moistening audience’ eyes. While we’ve read several reviews of this film that have made us believe why it shouldn’t be missed at all, we haven’t come across any story that talks about the impact that this film might have on a lot of people.

You'll want to see more such stories. Stories that should be told, but aren't heard so often.

Why did it take so long to come up with a film like this, or maybe like ‘No One Killed Jessica’ or‘Airlift’ or other movies revolving around unapologetic real-life incidents? Though it’s not the first time that such significant issues have been taken up by the commercial cinema; but in a day when four Bollywood films release; out of which three are simply shoddy romantic tales (‘Loveshudda’, Ishq Forever’ and ‘Direct Ishq’), it makes you question the content credibility of the film industry. What we want people to know, we should bring in the purview of the mainframe and not just rest them on the back pages of newspapers.

Next time you go for a biopic, you’ll have your expectations HIGH!

Can you imagine a biopic being delineated through just one day; a person’s last day alive to be precise? We couldn’t, until now. Directed by Ram Madhvani, this film makes all the right noises in all the correct ways. While most of the biopics turn out to be boring and just mere narratives of a person’s life, this one keeps you invested all throughout. No over-dramatization, no manipulation of real facts and figures for most part of it. It has indeed set the bar for creating biopics too high.

I vouch for Sonam Kapoor’s acting now (Well, almost!)

For all of us, who’ve doubted Sonam Kapoor’s acting abilities; this might be a subtle slap on our faces. The actress has definitely outdone herself in this film. In the beginning, you’ll see some false notes in her acting but as the movie progresses; she effortlessly makes you believe that she is, was Neerja. It's not only her that delves deep into the character but it's also the audience that starts feeling the emotions straight from the big screen. From playing a loving daughter to being the heroic savior; she managed every scene with élan. The actress definitely deserves all praises for this one.

It’s not just to get more faces that cabin crew is hired for, it’s definitely more than that. Much more.

They don’t just serve us food or coffee; they make sure we land safe even if they’ve put their lives at risk. Most of you’ll shy away if asked to confess your views about this profession; while some of you might like the glamour part, still others would find it demeaning to get into this field. This film might end up changing your opinions about this industry. Neerja Bhanot, a slain air-hostess who managed to save 359 lives on her first-day as head of the crew has raised the bars too high this time.

Want to know how an emotional subject should be treated in a film? Watch ‘Neerja’.

What happens when you cook a dish with every ingredient in just the right amount? It turns out finger-licking-delicious. This is exactly what’s ‘Neerja’ like. It is a fine play of script writing, execution, performance, editing and of course direction. With well-planned flashbacks and perfectly timed songs (except for one), it’s exactly the film that students should be shown while learning about film making.

NOTE: While Sonam Kapoor is the protagonist, the film wouldn’t have been able to strike the chords if not for its stellar star-cast. Shabana Azmi owns her character, owns the film. Yogendra Tiku makes for a perfect doting father. Shekhar Ravijiani unveils his acting side in an impressive way. The actors who played terrorists were convincing and just in the right mood throughout.

first published:February 21, 2016, 08:42 IST