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Will Ranveer Singh Adopt Deepika Padukone's Surname? Actress Clarifies


Last Updated: January 14, 2019, 12:23 IST

Will Ranveer Singh Adopt Deepika Padukone's Surname? Actress Clarifies

After their wedding, Deepika Padukone had joked that Ranveer Singh might adopt her surname. The actress clarifies whether her actor husband is really planning to do so.

Sonam Kapoor did it, so did Priyanka Chopra. Ever since Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married two months ago, the question has been whether the Padmaavat actress would take her husband's surname, just like her contemporaries.

Sonam changed her name to Sonam K Ahuja after marrying Anand Ahuja, and Priyanka added Jonas to her name her tying the knot with American singer Nick Jonas. In her first interview post marriage with Filmfare, Deepika had joked about how, in her case, it might be Deepika Padukone - wife of Ranveer Singh Padukone!

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the actress was quizzed about the same statement. Asked whether Ranveer would seriously consider adopting his wife's surname, Deepika calrified, "After that interview, I realised that it's a conversation that Ranveer and I have never even had. So we haven't been like 'oh, so, do you think you need to change your surname?' That (chat about it in an interview) was of course a joke of sorts. It has never crossed either of our minds."

"When I was asked I was like 'oh, we haven't even thought about it.' Maybe, because it's not important. Also, I've worked extremely hard to create my identity and so has he. So my question is, 'why would he have to do that?' I think what people see of us is a very minsicule part of our entire being and existence. But at the core of it, we are very alike," she added.

Deepika and Ranveer got married in a traditional Konkani ceremony on November 14 last year, followed by a Sindhi wedding on November 15 at Lake Como in Italy. The newly-weds then returned to India to host multiple receptions in Bengaluru and Mumbai.