With Fast and Furious Films, Vin Diesel is the Biggest Action Star in India

Image: Reuters Pictures

Image: Reuters Pictures

Here are five reasons why the F and F series, led by Diesel, has become one of Hollywood's biggest action export around the globe.


Devasheesh Pandey

Centred around heist and street racing, The Fast and Furious media franchise has not only dominated box office business to become the ninth-highest-grossing film series of all time with a combined gross of over USD 5 billion (approximately Rs 35,000 crore), it has also several offshoot products like TV series, toys, video games and commercials to level up its game, numbers-wise.

July 18 marks the birthday of one of the stars of the F and F franchise-- Vin Diesel, who was first propelled to stardom by the films starting in 2001, and then over the years, can be credited with making a money churning, blockbuster series out of dream action sequences, served with a glimpse into the world of underground street racing.

Here are five reasons why the F and F series, led by Diesel, has become one of Hollywood's biggest action export around the globe. While we also try and ascertain why Universal studio warmed towards the idea of making what seems like one of the most difficult films to make.

Rebel in a socially unjust world

Diesel as Dominic Toretto has emerged as the poster face of the rebellion against authority and administration. While Toretto is majorly an anti-hero cut out, who 'takes from the rich and gives to the poor,' clearly the character resonates with the cine -going community, which has always admired such outlaw characters, with little to no moral qualms.

Cultural and geographical diversity

Although Mission: Impossible and Bond series are not far behind in this aspect, the locales shown in the F and F franchise truly bridged the gap between the representation of 'the rich and the poor' in cinema. It has been shot in Miami, Tokyo, Brazil and various other exotic locations, where cameras of a major Hollywood production have generally not travelled much, let alone fast cars and gun-wielding goons. It has also successfully presented its cast in racial and cultural diversity, which adds to its global appeal.

Car culture

All film lovers appreciate car culture and its reimagination on the big screen. With the F and F series, Universal studios has experimented wholeheartedly, departing from the street racing theme prevalent in previous films, to transform the franchise into a heist action series involving cars. Additionally, action set pieces such as gun fights, brawls and the heist divert from cars, whenever necessary.

Toretto loves his family

Diesel as Toretto comes across as a man worth his salt. He has always emphasised on the significance of family over everything else. His actions have always been motivated for the greater good of his group of miscreants, who he protects no matter the cost. Thus, the themes of family and freedom intertwine to put forth the perfect fable story at the end of it all.

Character stories

Despite fast cars, fights, stunts and action, people come back for more because they have some sort of connection to one or more Fast and Furious characters. The writers have done a great job of character development over the course of the movie installments. We meet new characters, while stakes change with each outing and so does the character. Toretto himself has encountered major transformational changes. Still, at the core he is the same. Courtesy of its fluidity, the F and F franchise is in no danger of becoming stale or stopping any time soon.

With eight adrenaline-fueled films that seem to grow more popular with each entry, Diesel has acquired legitimate star status in India and worldwide. Breathtaking cliff jumps, skydiving cars, cars that take out tanks and much more aside, at the heart of one of the most successful action franchise in India is suave and charming Diesel, who will return in 2020 and 2021 with two more Fast and Furious films.

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