Patiala Babes to Vidya: How Indian Television Changed for Better in 2019

Patiala Babes to Vidya: How Indian Television Changed for Better in 2019

After many years, the Hindi Indian television shows seem to be coming out of the grips of mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. The power politics has slowly started taking the backstage. Their egos appear to be outdated now.

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After many years, the Hindi Indian television shows seem to be coming out of the grips of 'saas-bahu' drama. The household power politics has slowly started taking a backseat. Their egos appear to be outdated now.

The showmakers are now moving past the regular chronicles and producing shows with variety of content. We have listed down a few such shows that have been the clutter breaker on the primetime entertainment channels.

Patiala Babes

This show tried to capture the true essence of women empowerment as it revolves around the bond shared by a single mother and her daughter. The daughter helps her mother in coming out of an abusive marriage and getting married the second time for the sake of a better life. This was a welcome change from witnessing ‘sanskari bahus’ sobbing their way to impress the abusive partners.

Also, basing the show around financial liberty was a good move. Finally, the traditional TV has started opening up to more progressive ideas.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

This show features the story of a single mother who restricts her daughter from singing as she suffers a post-traumatic stress disorder after her husband leaves her in order to build a career in music. Post that she dies in an accident and the little girl, disguised as a boy, fights all her battles until she finds a safe place for herself to live. However, when a responsible man adopts the little girl, her biological father gets ashamed of his doings and tries to win his daughter’s trust.

This might sound like a typical soap story but trust me on this, its unique treatment makes it the story about hope. Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala has an universal audience and there is a clear reason behind it—its resonance with one and all.

Tara From Satara

A father, who is a failure in Bollywood, develops dislike for people who listen to or dance on film numbers. To his horror, his daughter turns out to be very fond of Bollywood music. Later, due to poverty, he allows his daughter to participate in Bollywood dance shows but when he watches her perform he realises her potential to become a successful Bollywood dancer.

Needless to say, it’s a far better subject than what we are used to.

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

This comical show has been going on for long now. It became popular as soon as it came out in 2015. The series revolves around two neighbouring couples in which the husbands are attracted to each other’s wives-- who are complete opposite in nature. Every episode has a new story that tickles the funny bone of the audiences. Sometimes, it tends to get borderline sleazy, still it has a charm of its own.


Besides praying for husband and his family’s welfare -- a young army widow awaits a letter from the government regarding a job to support her family. Despite being illiterate, she is forced to take the job of teaching in a school. Initially she struggles as she steps into the role of a teacher but uses it as an opportunity to educate herself. Later, with the support of district magistrate tries to pin down the people dogging the education system.

Isn’t that positively innovative?

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