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'Zootopia' To 'The Jungle Book': 5 Best Animation Films So Far

By: Sameeksha


Last Updated: July 14, 2016, 18:12 IST

'Zootopia' To 'The Jungle Book': 5 Best Animation Films So Far

Let's take a look at five animated movies released till now that have all the right ingredients for an ideal children's watch

Hollywood makes it a point to make every year an enjoyable ride for children and animation-lovers alike. We are half way into 2016 and almost all the animated films released so far have hit the right chords with the audience. Call it the power of big production houses like Disney and Illumination or the craze of a franchise- that 4 out of 10 of the highest grossing films have been animated children's films so far.

While Bollywood shies away from making films dedicated solely to under 15 years audience, Hollywood gives domestic market enough material to binge on with little ones. Just like last year, 2016 animation also moved out of the age bracket and dealt with problems even grownups could relate to, be it finding one's identity or controlling and directing anger to a positive outcome.

Let's take a look at five animated movies released till now that have all the right ingredients for an ideal children's watch:


Second highest grossing film of the year so far, Disney's Zootopia deals with the raging subject of stereotyping, racism and set prejudices in the best way possible. Time and again the main lead of the film, Judy Hopps, a bunny-cop keeps stressing on dreaming big and Zootopia keeps striking as that ideal state where everyone can be anyone they want. The film sets itself apart by attacking prejudice head-on. Rather than preaching or putting on kid gloves, Zootopia attempts to question the reasons behind such prejudice. Through its clever, endearing characters, hilarious jokes, and honest sentiment, 'Zootopia' comes away as a film that’s not only a joy to watch, but also one with a message that couldn’t feel more relevant to adults alike. One of the best movies by Disney so far, the film deserves all the appreciation it's getting.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Third film of the popular Kung Fu Panda franchise, the film is a visual splendour with the soul of the first film. The innocent Po searches his inner chi as he reunites with his family which he thought was extinct. This light hearted mega franchise film has a huge message of believing in yourself and power of love and unity. The film has everything that kids love, from huge panda to no-harm action and a message to take home. This is the one of the finest DreamWorks Animation effort mainly because of its astonishing visuals and dramatic kung-fu sequences. Panda love for all!

The Jungle Book

You know you are playing a huge gamble when you decide to touch upon something as dear and lovable as Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Disney's experiment to redo their popular animation film into a live-action worked well and we got one of the finest films of this decade in terms of CGI. Mowgli made his way back to our screen and his innocence and courage made us fall in love with him all over again. Fighting his right to be in the jungle and not getting intimidated by Shere Khan's threats, Mowgli and his friends teach the value of self-worth, fearlessness and friendship in 3D real time graphic. This immersive experience of the jungle and adventure is not to be missed this year.

Finding Dory

A sequel to 2004 modern animation classic Finding Nemo, this film might not fit into the same bracket but is enjoyable nonetheless. Following the journey of lovable blue tang fish Dory, the film brims with hope, adventure and laughter. Finding Dory through various characters, very subtly puts forward the point that what appear to be impairments might better be understood as strengths. Each and every misfit character has a strength and unite to help Dory find her long lost parents. A perfect summer watch, from underwater laughter ride to a teary eyed reunion, the film has everything a child would love to watch.

Secret Life of Pets

While Disney Pixar makes it a point to deliver a message through their grandness, Illumination depends more on goofy fun and regular, unnoticed circumstances. Secret Life of Pets refrain from giving out any heavy laden message other than friendship is the strongest bond and animated animals have more fun life than us. The film is a delightful watch for kids with ultra cute characters that are beautifully and dramatically voiced. The film plays subtly on the theme adopting pets from shelter home and receive a lot of love in return. A perfect entertainer for this half-year.

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