At 42, Celine Dion pregnant with twins

At 42, Celine Dion pregnant with twins

The 'Titanic' singer has had a miscarriage before


Toronto: Canadian pop diva Celine Dion, the biggest-selling female artist of all time, is pregnant with twins.

Her publicist Kim Jakwerth said the singer was 14 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy follows a miscarriage and several unsuccessful in-vitro-fertilisation procedures, the Canadian media said.

The 42-year-old and her 68-year-old husband-cum-manager Rene Angelil have a nine-year-old son. They have been trying to have another baby for some time.

People magazine quoted Angelil as saying, "Celine is hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing."

Dion has been on break from the music world to have a baby.

She is the top earner of of the decade with $747.9 million from albums and concerts, according to Ultimate Top 10 list of the Los Angeles Times. She has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide.

The youngest of 14 kids born into a poverty-stricken musical family in Quebec, Dion was guided to greatness by her husband, who sold his house to finance her first album in 1981.

The album went on to become number one in Quebec province, paving the way for her stardom.

Eventually Dion and Angelil became lovers but kept the affair under wraps fearing it will be frowned upon because he was 26 years older than her. But they married in 1994.

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