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'Dhat Teri Ki' a perfect debut, says new singer in B-town Sanam Puri

'Dhat Teri Ki' a perfect debut, says new singer in B-town Sanam Puri

The new-age singer, Sanam Puri, says every song is available online in its original form without a beep and so, TV beeps won't make a difference.

It's a flurry of newcomers when it comes to music in Bollywood. Random lyrics, music full of beats, the newcomers are seeing these opportunities as their perfect launch in Bollywood. One such voice people are grooving to these days is Sanam Puri who has entered Bollywood with Vishal-Shekhar's 'Dhat Teri Ki' from the Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein'.

These songs have the tendency to face the censor board axe, but the new-age singer Sanam feels a beep on TV won't make a difference. "A beep on TV makes listeners more curious. They go online, they get the song easily without a beep. And the song 'Dhat Teri Ki' is not as bad as you know what. I don't think a beep on TV will make a difference," he said in an interview with IBNLive.

Before Bollywood, Sanam has been singing with his band 'The SQS Project' and says he wants to do as much as he can. Here's the full transcript of Sanam's interview with IBNLive:

IBNLive: How does it feel to be in Bollywood? Has life changed?

Sanam Puri: Life doesn't change really and I don't want it to change. It's just that people start following you more, but life doesn't change as such. Actually I'll put it this way, lif may have changed, but lifestyle hasn't.

IBNLive: Do you think a song like 'Dhat Teri Ki' was a perfect launch for you in B-town?

Sanam Puri: 100 per cent. I wanted something good and this song definitely is something good. I'm glad with the kind of response the song has been getting. I want to thank Vishal-Shekhar and my manager Ben Thomas for this opportunity.

IBNLive: Was B-town singing your ultimate destination?

Sanam Puri: No, it's something else. I'm a musician. I want to do as much as I can for the country through music. Music is something essential, people listen to it, relate to it, follow it.

IBNLive: We see songs like 'Dhat Teri ki', 'Tooh', 'Chingam Chabake', 'Gandi Baat'. Do you think this 'Dhat Teri Ki' era is here to stay? Can these songs survive for too long?

Sanam Puri: See, 'Dhat teri Ki', 'Ghar Nai Jaana' (I don't want to go home), are words that one uses regularly. So, this song gets registered in the minds of the listeners. It's easy to recollect these songs when one speaks these words during regular talk.

IBNLive: But with so many of these songs, new singers are coming up. Is it becoming a difficult competition for the singers per se?

Sanam Puri: See, I obviously would want to do something different too. yes, there is competition. Songs are coming and going. It is becoming difficult. Old songs were more natural, they were made in proper time. Now with the machine age, songs are made quickly, new songs keep coming every other day. So, it's on the singer to make that temporary connect a permanent one. If your voice is unique, you'll stay. And with the response I'm getting for 'Dhat Teri Ki', I'm being positive.

IBNLive: What do you have to say about the censor board? Is it okay to beep a word from a phrase 'kiss my a**' from your song? Is it really going to make a difference?

Sanam Puri: A beep will only make people more curious. They'll go online and they'll get the full song without the beep easily. So a beep on TV won't really make a difference. And these songs like 'Dhat Teri Ki' are not as bad as you know what.

IBNLive: Is it right to accuse a singer for provoking people to rape?

Sanam Puri: It is wrong to accuse an artiste. The listeners too have to be responsible in how they take music. But then again, these days listeners don't just follow the music, they follow an artiste as well. So an artiste, too, has to be responsible towards his contribution to music and hence, to the country.

IBNLive: With 24*7 Internet access for listeners, do you think an online launch of a music video is better than a TV or radio launch?

Sanam Puri: TV and radio launches are as important as the online launch. People still tune in to their music on the radio as well as TV.

IBNLive: How do you, as a singer, look at free online downloads?

Sanam Puri: It's not good for the music industry as CD sales have really gone down. But yes, free online downloads do give a huge visibility to a singer individually.

IBNLive: What more does Sanam Puri, the B-Town, singer have in store for his fans?

Sanam Puri: Honestly, Bollywood is not in my control. I'll see what comes for me. But I am making more music with my band SQS, which we will release in a few months.

IBNLive: What do you want to say to you fans?

Sanam Puri: Live your own life. Be unique. Don't follow things blindly and be yourself. Be original.


first published:November 04, 2013, 12:25 IST