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Madonna 'purposefully' chose Swastika scandal

Madonna 'purposefully' chose Swastika scandal

Madonna insists that she used the swastika in her world tour 'purposefully'.

London: Pop superstar Madonna has addressed the controversy surrounding the use of a swastika in her world tour, insisting the image was chosen "purposefully". "All images in the video were chosen purposefully. That film that was created is about the intolerance that we human beings have for one another and how much we judge people before knowing them," contactmusic.com quoted the 53-year-old as saying.

"There seems to be a growing intolerance around the world. In Greece, France, everywhere people are trying to kick out all the immigrants, make people cover up and not show what their religious affiliation is. Think about what's going on in Russia towards the gay community," she said.

Madonna has come under fire for screening a video which shows a swastika imposed on the face of France's Front National party leader Marine Le Pen during her Mdna trek. Le Pen has threatened to sue Madonna, who in turn defied the politician's warnings by refusing to edit the footage.

first published:July 27, 2012, 13:11 IST