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Music Review: Paul MaCartney's 'New' is joyous, inspiring and loving

Music Review: Paul MaCartney's 'New' is joyous, inspiring and loving

'New' is Sir Paul's 16th studio album and first since 2007's Memory Almost Full to offer entirely new compositions.

Album: New

Artist: Paul MaCartney

I love The Beatles. I admire and adore them. I have lived their music. When teary eyed or when happiness flooded or when life revolved in bewilderment, I have played their tracks.

Their music was not genius but it surely is profound. With the days of Beatles left far behind, Paul MaCartney has time and time again showcased his never withering conifer of creativity.

'New' is Sir Paul's sixteenth studio album and first since 2007's Memory Almost Full to offer entirely new compositions. The sweetest Beatle as the newspapers said that time is definitely true. Paul is an incredible solo artist and even the Guinness World Records called Sir Paul "the Most Successful Composer and Recording Artist of All Time."

Even at 71 the music legend gives an insightful feel of rock and electronica and of course 'classic' the root of his successful career. The music is pleasantly enjoyable. A gem of pop and classic even if you have heard Paul million times before.

Paul undoubtedly has a way with lyrics and that is very well reflected in all his songs. Leaving you with the insights of past, present and future the lyrics are well composed for 'New', with ebbs and current, together they come most of the time meaningfully.

But with the fall of time Paul has lost that youthfulness in his voice. Remember the voice of young man singing 'Yesterday', 'Love Me Do' or 'All my loving' that surely had a different impact. But his ageing voice is a compliment for his album 'New' as McCartney stated that the record was inspired by recent events in his life as well as memories of his pre-Beatles history.

The one song that solely justifies the existence of Sir Paul and the whole essence of album is 'Early Days'. 'Early days' is a soft acoustic memoir with Paul playing with his ornamental English accent. The song gives you a narrative recall of Paul's pre-fame days in Liverpool with John Lennon. 'I started to get images of us in the record shop listening to early rock and roll and looking at the posters and the joy that that gave me remembering all those moments' said Paul. The chorus says it all: 'They can't take it from me/ if they try/ I lived through those early days' and then the guitar 'Dressed in black from head to toe/Two guitars across our backs/We would walk the city roads/Seeking someone who would listen to the music/That we were writing down at home.' The refrain of 'Queenie Eye' was also taken from a childhood game Paul used to play in Liverpool.

The album kicks with rocker 'Save Us' boosted with guitar and piano riffs. The second song 'Alligator' is a tribute to love. Undoubtedly, you can expect this from Sir Paul's experience with love. It's kind of satisfying with the chorus: 'Could you be that person for me? / Would you feel right setting me free? /Could you dare to find my key?' The modern tunes intervened with Sir Paul's trademark classic makes the song catchy.

The title track 'New' is joyous, inspiring and loving. Vocals are just aged and they fit totally with the atmosphere of the song. Hell, this song is addictive. Next 'Appreciate' is totally a psychedelic rock with Paul's low pitch vocals. It is way different from Paul's trademark and the nature of his new album.

All those days of Liverpool and walking past by Abbey studios, the reminiscences and nostalgia of all reflects in blues rock 'I can bet' 'On my way to work' and 'Everybody out there'.

'Looking at her' is a romantic poetic tribute. With soft thumps of drums and electronic and bass, the song stands out be just melodious. But sadly, I did not like the way song ends, may be too loud for a song like this. 'Hosana' is another poetic love melody, gelled up with acoustic lyrics that are intimate and painfully embryonic.

The last track 'Road' is 'rock n roll' with electronic and distorted guitar. It's different from the rock n roll of Beatles. Paul's throne of rock during Beatles was much higher. However, the album doesn't close with that, there's a hidden track 'Scared' with road in the end.

Sir Paul's has nothing left to prove out in his legendary music career. But still he seems to be experimenting, syncing classic with rock n roller which emerges out totally in a different spectrum.

'New' definitely is a beautiful album. And a few songs are so catchy that you will be addicted. Paul proves out to be more romantic than his last album and the melancholy, the nostalgia and the undercurrent of pain getting changed to laughter, which Paul has composed so well.

Let them come, Paul.

Essential tracks: New, Alligator, Early days, Queenie Eye, Appreciate

Rating: 3.5/5

first published:November 23, 2013, 13:57 IST