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Music round-up: 'The Beatles' are back to soothe your nerves

Music round-up: 'The Beatles' are back to soothe your nerves

The album opens a new side of all four Beatles as you hear their conversations and their frustration during the recording.

New Delhi: Music is driven by stories, something I witnessed this week.

A song never gets old and music is never forgotten. All Sunday to Saturday were surrounded with acoustic, rock, pop, a little bit of jazz, folk and of course the country music. The happenings were such.

This is our second week for the weekly round-up and I am certainly picking up new artiste; art for art's sake.

It's truly said that language is only a subsidiary when you discuss music. Here is a list of highlights, the profound music and some amazing news which I came across this week.

The highlights:


The Beatles Bootleg recordings

Nirvana, Kiss and others in Hall of Fame 2014

MBE to Adele

Moe Tucker tribute to Lou Reed

New book on AC/DC, forgotten heroes and hit songs

The Ray Price legend continues after his death

And of course the young releases.


New book to be written on Indian Ocean

Akshay Deodhar's first show in Delhi

Dewarists new music videos

Sona Mohapatra, Rabbi Shergil, Swanand Kirkire sing for Nirbhaya

Agnee strikes in Striker

Radhika Shankar's debut

And yes the young Bollywood releases

Opening the door from West.

The Beatles!

If the world would crumble and the rain won't heal my burns, I would just sing one song: Go 'round my head/The things you said/Like 'I love only you.'

There's a place, a song composed by John Lennon and Paul Maccartney and was first released as a track on The Beatles' UK debut LP, Please Please Me.

And now it has hit the iTunes again. The new releases of this week includes a surprise addition from The Beatles. The songs which were not yet released and were recorded by all four Beatles together- John Lennon, Paul Maccartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, went up for sale on iTunes on Thursday. These are their Bootleg recordings somewhere around 50 years ago.

The album is named 'The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963' compromises of 59 tracks. These were recorded in three sessions: The first Abbey Road session, Abbey Road Studio and the Beatles on the BBC - all from 1963.

It also includes Bad to Me and I'm in Love, which the band recorded as demos but never performed.

The album opens a more intimate side of all four Beatles as you hear their conversations and their frustration while recording the melodies.

Marking their 50th Anniversary of Beatlemania the Recording Academy and CBS-TV recently announced that they would air a two-hour special, "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles," on February 9, 50 years exactly after the group's premiere performance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.'

Well, Beatles fan have already received a pre-Christmas and a New Year gift. Enjoy.

The Class of 2014 for Hall of Fame!

'Nirvana', the brilliant band of 90's which carried the grunge music to mainstream with songs like 'Smells like a teen spirit' and 'Come as you are' is among the six new inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of 2014, the organisation said on Tuesday.

The flamboyant 1970s rockers Kiss, British singer and songwriter Peter Gabriel and Cat Stevens, folk-pop singer Linda Ronstadt and rock and soul duo Hall and Oates will also join the HOF with Nirvana.

The induction ceremony will take place in New York on April 10. Here - Smells like a teen spirit.

From Adele to Miss Adele Adkins MBE!

The 25-year-old British singer Adele was awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles on Thursday.

The singer was given the title Miss Adele Adkins MBE after being named in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for services to the music industry.

Earlier this year in February Adele was awarded an Oscar for the Best Original Song for 'Skyfall' the latest Bond's movie theme song.

Adele also bagged her ninth Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for 'Set Fire To The Rain' in the same month.

By accepting this honour she is all set to walk into the footsteps of Paul Maccrtney, John Lennon among others.

Moe Tucker tribute to Lou Reed!

Two months after the sad demise of Velvet Underground singer Lou Reed, the band's drummer Moe Tucker expressed her grief and pain of losing Reed.

Tucker, who joined the group in 1965, has written an obituary for Reed in which she mourns the loss of the celebrated singer-songwriter, who passed away aged 71 on October 27.

The heartbreaking demise and then a tearjerker of a tribute. This unveils the band's relationship, their close friendship and the dynamic in the edge of 1960s music scene.

Tucker writes: We never sat around and discussed what we were going to do or what our direction was going to be, we just made music and it was music that nobody else was making, and a lot of people at that time didn't want to hear it. It wasn't peace and love, that's for sure. It wasn't so much us against the world; it was us against San Francisco. The hippies out there hated us and we didn't like them too much either. We played out there once at the Fillmore West. The promoter, Bill Graham, booked us for some reason. Maybe he wanted to check out Andy's light show. As we were going onstage, he said, "I hope you fuckers bomb." I guess we scared him. Andy's light shows were so much more radical than the hippy light shows.

She later adds: "Now Andy [Warhol]'s gone, Sterling [Morrison]'s gone, Nico's gone and Lou's gone. It feels strange. I miss them all, but I really miss Lou.

The whole narrative was published in The Guardian and is certainly worth your time.

New book on AC/DC, forgotten heroes and hit songs!

Almost four decades and millions recordings sold, AC/DC has emerged out to be something more than just a rock band. The Australian author Jesse Fink writes a book on the history and the life of AC/DC exploring and uncovering the band's journey, their on and off stage presence and not forgetting the heroes who helped the band to reach heights; from record label staff to mixing engineers to former band members.

The three brothers - Malcolm, George and Angus Young who led the band to its 40 years of career, Jesse talks about how they did it all. Being a band AC/DC is a family business built by three brothers.

The book is named as 'The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC'. The book unveils their adventure, their drunken escapades, their rare intimate photos and most of the things which you ever wanted to know about the band.

Here is a song to justify their brilliance- AC/DC.

The Ray Price legend continues after his death (January 12, 1926 - December 16, 2013)!

I don't know how many of you love country music but if you really stumble onto that, you will see the influence of Ray Price.

The singer had been hospitalised in Texas recently and there he succumbed to disease on Monday. Ray has been fighting with pancreatic cancer for over an year.

Being a country singer, in 1956 Ray added a whole string to his songs, electric guitar and drums. And then his single 'Crazy Arms' shot to no 1 on charts.

"It was strictly country, and it went pop," Price said of the song. "I never have figured that one out yet."

Before Ray entered the hospital he said he was at peace.

Demise of legends can never be healed but we are happy that he composed brilliant melodies for generations to come. Here is one.

The young releases!

B.o.B.: Underground Luxury - Dec. 17 - The rapper's third studio album features the highlights "We Still in This Bitch," "All I Want," "Ready," and "Headband."

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Soundtrack - Dec. 17 - Legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) presents this brilliant collection of '70s and '80s pop.


The New Book to be written on Indian Ocean!

After much of accomplishment, a film, soulful music albums, brilliant gigs and now a book. Yes, you read it right. Parragon Publishing, one among the world's largest non-fiction publisher will now be coming up with a book on Indian Ocean.

Till now the Parragon guys have published books on legendary musicians like Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and John Lennon and others.

And Indian Ocean is first and one such Indian band on whom they gonna write. This is a significant accomplishment for the band and for the Indian music which they are taking to heights.

The core thought behind the book is the fact that Indian Ocean has a huge, ardent fan following - who would love to know and see parts of the journey of the band, which is more than two decades and still going strong.

The Indian Ocean was the first band to release a Live DVD and also it was the first band ever in India to have a documentary made on them. So, adding to the list of firsts, this book is another.

Are you ready to dive in? Here is a soulful track by Indian Ocean which they composed with Mohit Chauhan in Dewarists. One of my favourite from many.

Akshay Deodhar's first show in Delhi!

Akshay Deodhar is a singer, songwriter and composer based out of Mumbai. Akshay plays for three bands out there and for genres ranging from alternative to heavy rock.

Akshay defines his musical journey in a way that suits him the best. "Although band setting is fun but I like writing my own songs. It's more of like telling or singing stories and my life experiences to the people."

On Sunday, December 15, Akshay Deodhar played his second solo acoustic and first ever in Delhi at 'Speak Easy' in Gurgaon. The performance was certainly remarkable.

Akshay voiced songs from his band's second album. Morning Coffee, Miles, Till I and Circles were the songs worth listening and of course, his cover for 'Billy Jean' was beautiful.

His soft liquid voice touches your heart and he has a way with lyrics. It seems he needs to focus more on composing solo as you know that perfection has no limits. Way to go Mr. Deodhar.

Akshay was in Delhi to play as a guest artiste with Sonam Kalra and The Sufi Gospel Project for the Indian Cancer Society at Indian Habitat Centre on Thursday, December 19.


The season three of Dewarists finale features a pastiche of form, genre, media and style through a collaboration between India's folk rock collective, The Raghu Dixit Project; a contemporary dance troupe, Nritarutya; mask maker, Sridhar Murthy; and graffiti artist and animator, Harun Robert.

Artists rework the visual, verbal and visceral, as they come together to create a spectacle that promises a fitting end to Season Three of The Dewarists. And as they say, music meets art.

And now a song which is worth listening from Dewarists season 3 is 'Hadimba.' The song was uploaded on youtube in early December.

Band members of Lagori and Maneesh Verma of Actors Cult explore folk legends in Manali. Goddess Hadimba makes her way into the minds of the collaborators adding a stirring chorus to the track.

Joined by Actors' Cult, the theme of their collaboration resonates throughout Manali - the goddess, Hadimba. Enjoy, what Hadimba Maa says.

Sona Mohapatra, Rabbi Shergil, Swanand Kirkire sing for Nirbhaya!

On December 16, singer gathered in JNU to pay tribute to the rape victim Nirbhaya which also brought the campaign Jurrat to a close.

Swanand Kirkire opened the stage with 'Bawara Mann' and then the hall resounded in applauses and started to swing in his tunes as he sang 'O ri Chiraiya' in which Sona Mohapatra joined him.

After finishing the song, she joked, "Aaj-kal har singer apne aap ko Sufi kehlata hai, main Sufi nahin hoon. So here's one to all the gorgeous women and all the men. I am sure not all the men are bad, I too have a good one at home." The audience laughed and applauded. She then went on to sing 'Aaja Ve' and 'Gumsum Si Ab Na Rahoongi'.

Sona also played an active part in supporting the campaign. While the campaign was on she tweeted: Sonamohapatra : On the streets of Delhi saying @JurratKaro ! 16 th December 2012 , a year later .

Next up was Rabbi Shergil, who sang the song Jugni and from professors to organisers to the audience, everybody was humming along.

However, the song 'O ri Chiraiya' first featured in Satyamev Jayate and is truly a tear jerking and heart wrenching song. Here it is.

Agnee strikes in Striker!

The Indian band Agnee, well known for its deeply-rooted Indian sound, hummable tunes and live wire performances played in Striker, a pub in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj on Friday.

Agnee has released a series of super hits including Sadho Re, Kabira, the Splitsvilla Theme Song and the Roadies Theme Song.

Radhika Shankar's debut!

The young singer-songwriter Radhika Shankar made a debut with her first album 'Moira' which she launched in Turquoise Cottage on Thursday.

Radhika's journey began with her parents while she was singing and learning with them, then formation of an acoustic band in her college days and later a long stint anchoring a popular television show, 'Toofan Mail' on Sony.

And now she is singing aloud what she wants and has kicked out her first album.

Here is a song by Radhika which she wrote, sung, shot, edited and directed, all by herself! Enjoy.

The young Bollywood releases!

The new releases from Bollywood this week include AR Rahmans #1 hits, Best of 2013 Blockbuster hits, My #1 Sufi, Mahabharat, and My #1 hits.

Howver, AR Rahmans tracks are definitely worth listening.

Upcoming gigs and shows to attend:

- Vh1 Supersonic - five-day festival between December 26th to December 30th in Goa

- Septic Progression III featuring Orchid, Eccentric Pendulum, Skrypt at the Ion Bar in Bangalore

Keep playing until the next week. Cheers!

first published:December 22, 2013, 11:31 IST