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'Rush' Music Review: Pritam's songs are ordinary

'Rush' Music Review: Pritam's songs are ordinary

'Rush' is a very ordinary outing for music director Pritam, who achieved a stupendous response for 'Barfi!'.

Music Director: Pritam

Lyricists: Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar, Ashish Pandit and Hard Kaur

Singers: Shaan, Ash King, Rizwan-Muazzam, Jazzy B, Hard Kaur, Anupam Amod, Tulsi Kumar, Adnan Sami, Javed Bashir and Inderpreet Singh

Rating: 2 out of 5

Expectations ride high in the music department of every film where Emraan Hashmi plays the lead. But the music of his upcoming movie 'Rush' fails to strike a chord.

The album brings together four lyricists who have penned six original tracks and composer Pritam.

The album starts off with 'Chup chup ke' (film version), which is a very beautiful romantic number and instantly charms the listener. Crooned by Ash King, it has an interesting mix of Indian and western sounds. There's an added qawwali flavour by the duo Rizwan-Muazzam, and this truly works in favour of the song.

There is another version of this number with Shaan behind the mike. It also sounds soothing to the ears. Both the versions are fine melodies and definitely deserve equal praise.

Next up is 'Fukraa', a club number, sung together by Jazzy B and Hard Kaur. There are some good techno and electronic beats, but overall it fails to give you a kick. It could have got a better treatment in terms of composition to make it groovier.

It is followed by 'Mumkin', a romantic duet by Anupam Amod and Tulsi Kumar. Their voices blend together quite well but the lyrics are way too ordinary. Nonetheless, after listening to it twice or thrice, the track manages to make an impact.

It's good to hear Adnan Sami's voice after quite some time in 'O re khuda', which has elements of Sufi music. Javed Bashir supports Sami nicely in the vocals department and the chorus is good. But the track still falls flat, primarily due to its run-of-the-mill composition.

Next up is a desi heavy metal track 'Rab ka junoon' which has some very dominant guitar riffs and drum beats. Inderjeet Singh's vocals are powerful, but one fails to understand the use of Sufi lyrics for a pure rock track. However, heavy metal in a Bollywood film is not everybody's cup of tea, so one should tread the line with utmost caution!

Last on the playlist is 'Hote hote', a peppy, techno track, crooned by Hard Kaur and Ash King. The beats are good and new-age. It is one of the better tracks in the album.

Overall, 'Rush' is a very ordinary outing for music director Pritam, who achieved a stupendous response for 'Barfi!'. Except for one or two tracks, the 'Rush' soundtrack doesn't excite at all.


first published:October 21, 2012, 11:30 IST