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The Dewarists: Passion and 'things worth doing'

The Dewarists: Passion and 'things worth doing'

The show on Star World is a journey made by some of the well known artists to create a new track on each episode.

New Delhi: With songs like ‘Minds without Fear’, ‘Kya Khayaal Hai’, ‘Masti ki Basti’, ‘Maaya’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Sacred Science’, ‘Changing World’, ‘Khule Da Rabb’, ‘Duur Kinara’ and ‘No I.D. Required’ – ‘The Dewarists’ have made their place on prime time TV.

Part travelogue, part documentary – the show on Star World is a journey made by some of the well known names in music as they unite to compose something unique.

The artists come from different schools of music armed with different thought processes and skills in their impressive arsenal. In every episode – selected artists who have never performed together professionally are put in to an incredible exchange passion and creativity. As ‘The Dewarists’ say it – Some things are just worth doing.

Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, ad-filmmaker and frontman of Mumbai Hardcore band, Scribe (band), the show is hosted by singer-actor Monica Dogra. The theme music of the series has been given by Raghu Dixit. The show that kicked off on October 16th has got an incredible response from music lovers who perhaps always have been thirsting for cross cultural creations that not only took form in front of their eyes – but also gave them an incredible chance to glance in to the lives of the musicians. The music program started in India with a digital series with international artists Dub FX and Susheela Raman in November, 2010. So far 10 episodes have been show cased with stars like Indian Ocean, Mohit Chauhan, Rabbi Shergill, Imogen Heap, Vishal Dadlani, Shantanu Moitra, Zeb and Haniya, Parikrama, Agnee, Rajasthan Roots, Monica Dogra, Midival Punditz, Shubha Mudgal, Agnee…and the list goes on.

The show follows a format where the artists meet and work to create one song that is either performed at the end of the episode or is recorded in the studio. The show works on the concept that strives to pick ‘dewarists’ from a particular genre of music who have followed their passions. The song that ultimately gets created not only has the reflections of the artist and his/her domain of music but also the influences of the places they travel through.

‘The Dewarists’ cater to a niche audience – without a doubt. Miles away from the popular and the everyday – ‘The Dewarists’ are all about personifying passion and reminding the viewers that anything is possible – only the journey needs to begin.