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Hunter Biden Coverup Rips Joe Biden of Moral Grandstanding and Permanently Stains Media, Big Tech

By: Shubhangi Sharma

Last Updated: March 30, 2022, 17:40 IST

The Hunter Biden story was just one of the casualties in this slaughter of democracy. (Image: AP)

The Hunter Biden story was just one of the casualties in this slaughter of democracy. (Image: AP)

The Hunter Biden saga reveals that defeating Trump was always priority number one for the mainstream American media and Big Tech. Not the truth or the pursuit of the truth.

The Hunter Biden story was suppressed, censored and kept away from the public eye since it came out a year and a half ago in October 2020. Who were the culprits? The mainstream American media and Big Tech, who worked in a concerted manner to dismiss the ground-breaking story by the New York Post that dropped ahead of the November 2020 Presidential election. Their motive was clear as day— Bury the story before it butchers Joe Biden’s prospects of defeating Trump. They were successful— the story claiming Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities, his father’s tacit involvement in those activities and the existence of a ‘tell-all’ laptop, was buried deep the moment it got out. A “witch hunt” as Trump would say was declared on the media portals and the internet users who discussed the Hunter Biden story, which was labelled “fake” and when that did not work, “unverified,” and when that was not enough— (drumrolls) “Russian Disinformation”.

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, a self-admitted crack addict, with that not even being the most controversial aspect of his life, was caught in another controversy when The Post revealed the existence of a laptop that he had left in a repair shop in Delaware. The contents of the laptop— emails, documents and other details are reportedly crucial in determining whether and to what extent Hunter Biden used the position of his father, the then Vice President under Barack Obama, to advance his dealings with a foreign energy company in Ukraine and how much of it was Joe Biden aware of. Citing one email, the New York Post reported that as a member of the board of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, Hunter Biden used his father-son link with the American Veep to influence the US government in favour of the company.

According to the mail, Hunter introduced an advisor to the board to Joe Biden less than a year before Biden “pressured government officials in Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company”. This is potentially impeachable stuff. The laptop offers a trove of information, and while Joe Biden’s detractors are hoping to establish the possible abuse of power and corruption at his end, Biden and his opportunistic yet impermanent friends are hell-bent on scrapping the information from the face of the earth. Biden himself called it a “Russian plant” before the election. But it seems like some of his friends in the media are “walking back” on him like the White House keeps walking back on Biden’s gaffes on Russia and Ukraine.

I say this because Hunter Biden and his laptop are back in the limelight, this time at the hands of the New York Times and Washington Post, though faintly and not by any means at the intensity with which these portals called for Donald Trump’s impeachment time and again.


In a story about America’s first son’s purported tax fraud which is under investigation, the New York Times admitted the existence of the infamous laptop and “authenticated” its contents. The same laptop that the New York Post was talking about fifteen months ago and was immediately penalised for it by Twitter which locked its account for 16 days demanding it to delete the tweets on the story until embarrassingly rolling back the decision. Labelling the story as “potentially harmful,” Twitter even blocked the links to those stories from being tweeted out by readers! Imagine the high-handedness of Big Tech. Of course, Twitter would go on to permanently de-platform the then sitting President of the United States so this would dwarf in comparison. Facebook charted the same path and blocked the link to curb the “spread of misinformation”.

For Democrat voters and fence-sitters, the story was discredited efficiently enough to be binned right away, no questions asked. For the unsuspecting ones, the story never reached them. Even as Trump’s campaign latched on to the story and made quite a loud clamour to break through the echo chambers and challenge Democrat loyalists, the incredibly compromised mainstream media baby-sat its audience through it all, lest they ended up taking interest in Hunter Biden’s alleged dealings. The goal was to defeat Trump. And if that meant subverting free speech, crushing democratic discussions, burying burning questions of ethical misconduct, something that mattered so much in Trump’s case, and even outright lying, then the entire establishment of the media, intelligence officials and Big Tech came together to erase the truth from TV screens and the internet and gaslighted the curious sections of the American electorate.

And yes, even intelligence officials played a role in this rabid and desperate coverup. Their lie was obviously more creative. “Russian Disinformation.” That ought to put an end to the debate. 51 former intelligence officials, just five days after the story was published by the New York Post, came out and signed a letter claiming it all to have “the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Later on, they have come to admit that they had no intel on the matter. They “do not know if the e-mails… are genuine or not,” but they just found them to be suspicious. They followed a simple rule: whatever you find to be suspicious, which also means anything that may cost the Democrats a Presidential election, pin it on Russia. The lesson was from Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump. Stories of Trump’s “Russian collusion” that haunted him throughout his term were also pushed by the same trifecta of the media, Big Tech and “intelligence” officials. Well, the joke was on the people who believed that when 51 “intelligence” officials make hefty claims about Russian disinformation, they would obviously have the intel to support those claims. After all, is it not what their entire job has been about?

This is not the first time that the powerful pro-Democrat establishment in the US has acted this way. Suppressing and denying the Hunter Biden story was not the only time they tried to help the Democrats defeat Trump, in other words, meddle in the democratic process ahead of the election.

On the question of the likely origin of Covid-19 in China, the mainstream media created a narrative against the Trump-backed argument that implicated China and its Wuhan lab, and Big Tech censored users right, left and centre, forcing others to fall in line. After the masses were beaten and tamed into silence, the newly-elected President Biden raked up the issue again taking a critical position against China. Immediately, the media’s editorial positions, the content-regulation policy of Big Tech, the entire conversation, did a volte-face and their justification this time was that Trump was not reliable so he could not be trusted while admitting in the same breath that he simply had to be defeated. Essentially, Trump and his supporters were gaslighted endlessly by exceptionally powerful channels of information. This was unprecedented because in order to influence an election outcome in the US, Big Tech went as far as censoring the entire world on their platforms during a pandemic, giving China the chance to confidently shrug off accountability for its actions. The world indeed revolves around the US, just not by choice.

Defeating Trump was always priority number one for the mainstream American media and Big Tech. Not the truth or the pursuit of the truth. The Hunter Biden story was just one of the casualties in this slaughter of democracy. The question is, what kind of moral grandstanding do Joe Biden and the American left-dominated media and Big Tech think they are entitled to play up after displaying such deep levels of dishonesty?

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first published:March 30, 2022, 17:40 IST
last updated:March 30, 2022, 17:40 IST