Why NaMo's Landslide Win Has Changed the Face of 'Netagiri' in India, Writes Wing Commander Matiman

Image for representation only.

Image for representation only.

'Bharat Mata ki Jai' and 'Vande Mataram' that reverberated in villages, towns and cities during the years of our struggle for freedom — the very slogans on the lips of our martyrs at the gallows gradually became taboo.

Abhishek Matiman
  • Last Updated: June 26, 2019, 11:42 PM IST
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A landslide win for BJP, on the cards all along — the revelry started even before the counting of votes could be completed. Now that the speculation and doubts are brushed aside and the writing is on the wall, what's most heartening is the fact that, the common man sees the victory of Narendra Modi as his own; of his own aspirations and dreams that the majority perceives being absolutely in sync with the dreams of their most loved Prime Minister.

While the naysayers may continue to differ, the fact remains that the connect that NaMo has succeeded to establish with the people he works for, has been surreal. His 'Mann ki Baat' indeed has percolated through minds and hearts across the Nation.

What most fail to realise is that such close connect happens only when it evolves out of a visible honest yearning to serve, from the core of one's heart. Blessed feels the Nation today, to have a man at the helm who cares, dares and is determined to take the Nation ahead. Who doesn't hesitate to make public his intent, doesn't speak to appease, most importantly says it loud and clear that he seeks nothing for himself.

Many would say there are numerous who mean well for the Nation and did well too, well that's quite another thing. When a person says it aloud, he actually reaffirms his oath. In the loudness of his proclamation/announcement urging his own conscience to stand steadfast and not deter in even the most testing of times. Agree or not, this is rarest of rare.

Things that should have started upfront on 15 August 1947, took over seven decades to start happening. 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' and 'Vande Mataram' that reverberated in villages, towns and cities during the years of our struggle for freedom — the very slogans on the lips of our martyrs at the gallows gradually became taboo.

Religious teachings wrongfully invoked to divide by the few self-serving, power hungry amongst those who laid the very foundations of independent India. Having been part of laying out the framework of governance in times to come, they knew the vulnerabilities of electoral politics only too well and exploited them from the word go.

Let bygones be bygones, and revel in the phenomenon called NaMo slated to lead us again. One who takes pride being vocal about 'Bharat' and all that originally is associated with it, be it 'Vande Mataram' or 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'. One for a change, who doesn't attempt to appease, yet takes everyone along in my Nation's march to prosperity. One who has shown the entire political class that:

● Elections can be won without appeasement, by

● Sheer grit and commitment to reach out to the last man, by

● Making your work talk for itself, by

● Aligning one's dreams with those whom they intend (or not) to serve and by

● Making the voters feel they win when their chosen leader wins.

No rocket science this, but the basic tenets of leadership were lost over the years in the melee of divisive tactics to garner votes by hook or crook. That, with a sole motive to amass material wealth/riches for self and wherever possible even for the generations to follow.

What NaMo's ways, thankfully accompanied by stupendous political success have shaken up is the very idea behind the current generation of politicians entering the arena. Like it or not, strategies henceforth by political opponents, will perforce need to be re-invented incorporating the spirit of Service before Self* which is how exactly it always was supposed to be.

Thank you NaMo, the words 'Neta' and 'Netagiri' are well poised for redemption.

*Originally the Motto of my alma mater, the National Defence Academy, must be inscribed in bold on every entrance to the hallowed portals of Sansad Bhavan.

(The writer is a veteran aviator from the IAF and ex-PRO and Spokesperson Ministry of Defence. Views expressed are personal.)

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