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As it Happened: Vijender Singh vs Kerry Hope, WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Bout


Last Updated: July 16, 2016, 23:09 IST

Image Credit: Getty Images.

Image Credit: Getty Images.

Star boxer Vijender Singh defeated experienced Kerry Hope in ten rounds to lift the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight championship title.

Vijender Singh beats Kerry Hope to lift WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title

A powerpack right jab from Vijender. Both are looking extremely aggressive. Both are looking for knock out.

Last round is underway. Whao will take title - Vijender or Hope?

Punches are blowing away from both the ends. Vijender is leading the charge at the jam-packed Thyagraj Stadium.

What a round this was. Vijender dominated pretty well. Great contest between the two. End of the Round 8.

Vijender comes with a solid right jab. Hope is bleeding. And, that is the end of seventh round.

Vijender throws a powerful punch but Hope escapes. That could have been dangerous for Hope and his staff.

Another left right combination by Vijender in the seventh round by Vijender Singh.

What a round! Vijender's two power-packed punches dominates the sixth round.

Hope showing some aggression. Vijender is tackling him well.

Couple of blows on back of Vijender's head.

End of the fifth round. Who will take this title tonight - Vijender or Hope?

Vijender throws a solid punch but Kerry escapes it beautifully.

Vijender starts the fifth round with a solid punch on Kerry's right jaw. What a start by the Bhiwani man.

Hope ends the fourth round with a left punch on Vijender.

Flurry of punches from Vijender. He is looking in his typical style. Crown erupts with the chants of Vijender! Vijender! Vijender.

Few good punches from Hope. And, this is the end of third round. Vijender looks dejected.

Beautiful upper cut by Vijender. Hope escapes it well.

Kerry Hope is looking aggressive. But Vijender ends the second round with a light right jab.

Vijender slips but stands with a smile on his face. He is looking calm and confident.

End of the first round: Vijender dominates Hope pretty well in the opening round.

Both Vijender and Hope are off to a cautious start.

It is time for the BIG FIGHT - SINGH vs HOPE. Here we go..!

It is time for Indian National Anthem.

The melodious Australian national anthem is the first one to be played.

It is time for national anthem.

The crowd has gone berserk. Vijender makes his entry in style. Electrifying atmosphere at the stadium.

And, here we go.. Harayana man Vijender Singh makes his entry in style. The chants of Viju...Viju...Viju is everywhere.

It is dark in the stadium. Kerry Hope makes his entry first. He is pumping himself up. He is totally energised.

The WAIT is over. The time has come for the BIG fight - It is Vijender vs Hope.

What is your prediction - Who will win the title fight?

Vijender Singh


Kerry Hope

Wishes poured in for the ace boxer Vijder. Here is a look:

Hello and welcome to the Live coverage from the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight championship title bout between Vijender Singh and Kerry Hope.

Having made an excellent entry into the professional arena, star boxer Vijender Singh is expected to face the toughest test of his fledgling career when he takes on the experienced Kerry Hope of Australia for the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight championship title.

The Beijing Olympics bronze medallist has won all his six fights so far, but Hope has more experience and is a better calibre fighter than Vijender's previous opponents.

The 34-year-old has been a professional boxer for 12 years and has been involved in 30 fights overs that period with a record of 23-7. That, along with the fact that he is a left-hander -- a distinct advantage in most sports -- makes the Australian of Welsh origin a dangerous opponent.

Incidentally, one of the biggest defeats of Vijender's amateur career was against the left-handed Abbos Atoev of Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals of the 2012 London Olympics.

Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil, a town in Wales, Hope has an impressive record. He won his first 11 bouts and has the experience of winning titles in the past. He defeated American pugilist Caleb Truax in 2009 to win the World Boxing Federation super middleweight title. He also defeated the higher rated Grzegorz Proksa twice to win the European Boxing Union middleweight title in 2012.

He also won the World Boxing Council Asian Boxing Council middleweight title last year, defeating Poomrase Yoohanngoh.