'That Girl is Like Daughter to Her': Dutee Chand's Mother Refuses to Accept Her Same-Sex Relationship

File photo of Dutee Chand. (Getty Images)

File photo of Dutee Chand. (Getty Images)

Dutee Chand's mother Akhoji has said that the sprinter's partner is her grand-daughter and she cannot accept such a relationship.

Jajpur: Dutee Chand is facing a huge battle of acceptance at home after she publicly acknowledged being in a same-sex relationship with a younger relative and said that she would like to marry her.

Dutee Chand has received accolades on social media for coming out and becoming the first Indian sportsperson to do so but at home, Dutee is finding it hard to break the glass ceiling.

After Dutee's elder sister Saraswati Chand alleged that the sprinter was being blackmailed into marriage by her partner and family, Dutee refuted the claims and said that her sister wants to send her to jail and that her parents had accepted her relationship.

However, now Dutee's mother Akhoji Chand has come out and said that she would not accept Dutee's relationship.

"Dutee wants to marry a girl, who is the daughter of my niece, so she is my grand-daughter. In this relation, Dutee will be like a mother of that girl. Then how will it be possible in our society in Odisha," Akhoji told ANI.

Akhoji further said Dutee told her that she had the support of all her mentors and she would do everything with their help.

"I told her (Dutee) that I cannot accept this. She told me that the court has given the order. When I asked 'which court has given you such order', she told me High Court. I told her that 'I'm alive here and you are bringing orders from the court'. She told me that 'yes court has given order and all the mentors are supporting me'. (She asked) whether 'you will support me or not'. I asked which Sir, Shiv Sir, Gagan Sir or Samanta sir, Achyut Samant of KIIT college," she said.

"She told that I'll do everything with their help. I told her that I'll like to talk to them, but she avoided it. So day before yesterday, I told my elder daughter Saraswati that I don't know where they are staying, you take me to them. Saraswati took me to them but he (Achyut Samant of KIIT) had already left for Delhi and yesterday when all these things were happening."

"I want that she (Dutee) should focus on her sports as the government wants. Government has given a lot of money to her for the sake of the country. Dutee may not keep father and mother's name but she should keep the prestige of the nation through her sports," Akhoji added.

Meanwhile, Ananata Charan Das, one of the neighbours, told ANI, "I have no opinion (on this matter). It is personal and sensitive. The Supreme Court has decided one can marry (same-sex)... a girl can marry a girl. So, it may be possible in society and in front of law but I can't appreciate it because our villagers won't like this."

When asked if there is any conspiracy, he said, "I feel some conspiracy may have happened to exploit her property and income. There may be some enemies behind it who may have created a conspiracy. Dutee should avoid this matter and should focus on her sports career."

Dutee, on the other hand, maintains this the girl she is in relationship with is her "soulmate".