Man accidentally wins World Series Poker, $81,314, gold bracelet

Man accidentally wins World Series Poker, $81,314, gold bracelet

Pham won the prize money after entering the wrong competition accidentally where he took home $81,314 as well as a gold bracelet in World Series of Poker.

Few stranger things have happened in his life than what transpired in World Series of Poker as Christian Pham, a 40-year-old man from Minnesota, won World Series of poker on Thursday, running through 219 of the best players in the game - all accidentally.

Pham won the prize money of $81,314 and a gold bracelet after entering the wrong competition accidentally and as the saying goes, whatever happens, happens for the best, and Pham is not complaining.

According to independent.co.uk, the Pham said that he intended to sign up for a different tournament known as play no-limit Texas Hold ‘em but instead got enrolled for a different event on the same day known to be no-limit deuce-to-seven draw lowball.

While speaking to Poker News, Pham went on to explain his error and how it came as a shock to him when he realised his mistake.

“When I got to the table, and when I got dealt five cards. I realised that something was wrong,” the player said.

“I said ‘Oh my god!’ because in Minnesota we don’t have this game. This was the first time I played this game, but I tried to learn the game at the table from the people at the table,” the 40-year-old went on to add.

But instead of losing heart, Pham took some help from other players in trying to understand the game and somehow managed to end up winning the series.

He concluded his win as help from the heavens. “I think it was a sign of God,” Pham remarked after the win.

Something which is even more astonishing is that Pham had never really heard of that game before and to think that he went on to win the game is a sheer stroke of luck that he will never forget.

He told Poker News, “I didn’t understand much of the game, but enough, and in the future for sure I will register for this game. I love it!”