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5 Nifty Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Home Stays Clean and Fresh Always

5 Nifty Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Home Stays Clean and Fresh Always

Here’s how to keep your home spotless and always ready to entertain friends and family.

If you’re always struggling to maintain order in your home, and wonder how the Martha Stewarts of the world do it, you are not alone. Keeping your home clean is possible, it just requires a few smart ideas and regular follow-ups.

We’ve put together a five-point checklist to help you make the best of your home keeping time and efforts and get your home guest worthy in no time.

Step 1: Organise like Marie Kondo

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Put plainly, de-clutter and keep what makes you happy! Organising your home like a pro and getting rid of excess stuff that just sits around taking up space on counters, in cupboards and lofts can save you a ton of cleaning up in the future. Less is definitely more here. Take a few quick tips from organisational genius, Marie Condo and invest in a few handy boxes and storage organisers to get started. Minimal countertops and fewer, but well-chosen pieces of furniture and clothing means fewer things to clean. Just doing this can easily cut your cleaning time in half.

Step 2: Deep clean even if no one’s looking

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Washing machines, refrigerators and stovetops are some of the hardest working appliances in a home. We can’t even imagine life without them, can we? Spray down streaks and messes as soon as possible with a mild soap and water solution and use a microfiber cloth to clean and buff. Use a toothbrush and a stronger cleaner to get through grease and build up. Empty toasters of crumbs, clean out the gasket and the detergent tray of your front-loading washer and deep clean your fridge with a food-safe cleaner (avoid bleach) at least every fortnight. Besides keeping your appliances in top condition, regular maintenance means safeguarding your families’ health and making sure you have a clean home.

Step 3: Invest in easy to clean walls

If you have a gaggle of kids always running through your home, a gardening spouse with dirty hands or clumsy friends, then coating your walls with a washable paint is your best bet. A quality paint like Berger’s Easy Clean Fresh is not only stain-resistant but also makes cleaning up stains simple and easy. How? It uses advanced technology and the power of cross-linking polymers to make the paint tough and non-porous. And that's the real secret behind stain-free, beautifully finished walls.

But that’s not all. This Green Pro certified paint is earth friendly and reduces unpleasant odours to gives your home a fresh, welcoming scent. Eventually, it not only saves you effort and money but also keeps your home looking just as fabulous as the day you first got it painted.

Step 4: Scents and sensibility

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Start by tackling smelly areas like scrubbing down garbage bins, cleaning out litter boxes and making sure the drains aren’t snagging on hair and lint. While unpleasant odours are one kind of bad smell, cloyingly sweet-scented candles can be just as annoying. Go beyond strong scents and create a gentle lingering smell that won’t set off guest allergies instead. Chances are that people will remember feeling calm and relaxed in your home more than walking in being able to identify lavender in the air. Incense sticks and essential oil diffusers are also a great idea if you stay close to woody, lightly floral or fresh fragrances.

Step 5: Ditch traditional mops

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If you have a lot of carpeting, a vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are an expensive but ideal solution if you suffer from allergies, have pets, or have a problem with mould or lead. But even if your tools of choice are a more traditional broom and mop, research suggests that they often have so much bacteria that they really can’t be cleaned entirely thoroughly without strong chemicals. Switching to washable microfiber mops means you catch all the dirt and germs and cleaning both your home and the mops is a far more straightforward process. What makes microfiber so cool is that it's versatile enough to clean virtually all surfaces in your home and effortlessly and without leaving scratches.

The secret to clean homes doesn’t include elves who come in and tidy up when everyone is sleeping. People with effortlessly clean homes just clean consistently, make smarter product choices, and most importantly follow a cleaning routine that works for them and their homes.

first published:April 24, 2019, 13:05 IST