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Book now, travel later during CRED’s Mega Maldives Festival

Book now, travel later during CRED’s Mega Maldives Festival

Members get a now-or-never deal to book a trip to the islands from July 16-18 at unbelievable prices as bookings are valid till March 2022

July 16, Friday: We have all been dreaming about taking long vacations on scandalously scenic beaches in luxurious hotels, sipping delicious cocktails under a bright sun. Travelling has taken a back seat for all of us over the last one year and most of us would still prefer travelling when it is safer with both doses of the vaccine. What if you could get a first-class travel experience by booking your tickets now and travelling later?

It is easier than ever if you are a CRED member in a now-or-never deal.

With Mega Maldives Festival from July 16-18, CRED is giving its members offers to not just fly to the Maldives but also experience the most luxurious stay in hotels — which pop up on Instagram feeds regularly — topped by a 10% cashback with no upper limit on the CRED travel store. 

It gets better as it does not dent much on your pockets and get that break you deserve before your co-worker gets their hand on these bang for-the-buck deals ever and flexes it. The members do not have to immediately plan their travel as some of these bookings will be till March 2022. The members have an option of booking now and travelling later once it is safer and more people are vaccinated with both doses.


Since Maldives is the only country in the world that will open for tourism to Indians (in the near future), CRED believes that its members should get the privilege of reserving a booking in hand-picked Maldives resorts with perks like a private villas, floating breakfast, unlimited drinks, spas and candle-lit dinners with a piece of heaven on Earth in blue pristine waters. The trick here is to be faster than ever and avail these exclusive perks before anyone else can. The experience is insured by CRED but only if the members are quick enough to not miss out on it.

Worried about safety? CRED will also take care of your RT-PCR tests and ensure that you get this ludicrously dreamlike experience without any hassle. The members only have to worry about packing the right outfits for the ‘gram and clear their calendars. 

You can say goodbye to ‘throwback Thursday’ posts and replace it with ‘Travel Tales’.

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first published:July 17, 2021, 11:47 IST