Cleaning everything regularly? Great. But how are you cleaning your veggies and fruits?

Cleaning everything regularly? Great.  But how are you cleaning your veggies and fruits?

Introducing Veggie Clean, the veggies & fruits cleanser you need

  • Last Updated: June 19, 2020, 5:45 PM IST
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We are currently surviving in unprecedented times. With the COVID-19, has come along a heightened sense of our mortality, an awareness of how many basic things we take for granted, and a will to fight and survive through it all. From the moment this pandemic took over our lives, another every day aspect of our lives took center stage: Hygiene & Cleanliness. This is something we should have been cognizant about even without the pandemic, but nevertheless here we are. Our day-to-day rituals have now taken a new shape, with sanitation and cleanliness being integrated in all. Here’s how it has all changed:

Stepping out without a mask on is a no-no!

Be it for your safety, or as a courtesy to keep others safe, wearing a mask is now as essential as getting your phone, wallet and keys. Keeping germs at bay with the help of a mask is now second nature. And so it should be.

Wash your hands. Repeat.:

Be it the first thing you do when you enter the house, or just at regular interval when in the house, cleansing of hands with an alcohol based hand wash is the new normal.

Shoes not welcome:

Roads and pavements outside are as risky and unclean, so whole you might be aware and not touch anything or anyone with your hands, the soles of your shoes may get infected. Leaving them outside the house is imperative.

Sanitize all day long:

It’s not just your body that needs cleansing, but to be on the safer side, all of your furniture, grills, door knobs etc. are now sanitized regularly.

 Food Delivery is complicated:

While e-commerce hasn’t shut down nor have food delivery apps, handling the packages that are delivered is now a process. Before opening them or touching them even, they are sanitized and kept in the corner for sometime before it can be safe to touch.

All of these rituals are now sacrosanct. That is, if you want to say safe. But have you ever wondered on how to clean the things that you actually consume? We are talking about the fruits and vegetables that you buy from your nearby shop or get delivered at home. If you thought that cleaning them merely with water, or with water mixed with turmeric/baking soda was enough, you are sorely mistaken. In that case, when washing them with soaps and alcohol based disinfectants is not possible, how do you ensure your fruits and veggies are clean, germ-free and safe to consume?

Enter Veggie Clean.

What you need is a cleanser that is 100% naturally derived, something that is not harmful to you when ingested. And that is exactly what Marico Limited’s Veggie Clean is. It is made with 100% naturally derived cleansers, is a chlorine/alcohol & soap free veggies and fruits cleanser, the perfect item that is also the need of the hour.

All you need to do is dilute 1 capful of Veggie Clean in 2 litres of water, and soak your veggies and fruits in it for 5 minutes. Rub them thoroughly and rinse them under running water and voila! Your veggies and fruits will be 99.9% germs, pesticides & waxes free.

Doubts? Watch this video for further clarity:

Marico Limited’s Veggie Clean is something every household needs to own right now because we can’t afford to be any less safe. The product is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers, and Nykaa. So go on, and order it to stay safe and sound!

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